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Are you looking to spy on your partner? do you suspect infidelity? Do you have a teenager that you would like to keep an eye on while you are away? Or do you want to check up on a co worker that you just don’t trust? Then we have a spy product for you. Spy a lot is the worlds best resource for all things spying, which a range of Nanny Cameras, Listening devices, drug tests, spy gadgets and infidelity tests we have every you need to keep an eye on your nearest and dearest as well as the people lest trustworthy.

As well as some of the most cutting-edge products on the market, we also have an extensive blog that caters for all different areas of spying. Whether you want to read up on the latest Spy Apps that have been developed, or the latest news in the industry, we really do have something for everyone.


Search Spy a Lot for the best spy equipment, Spying Gear, gadgets. DNA, Drink and infidelity tests and product reviews. We have 1000’s of cool spy equipment to catch out your partner or co worker. Welcome to the Internets Best Spy Equipment – Not

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We love everything to do with spying, so when we write our articles they don’t just get scraped and stolen from other sites. Our team of writers extensively research each subject and write from scratch, our product reviews are truthful and the opinions we give are designed to allow to make an informed decision on which spy gadget is best based on your own individual needs.

Our spy blog is split into categories to allow you navigate our site with ease and  we cover every possible scenario, this could include buying a nanny camera if you suspect that they are up to no good. We provide articles on how to purchase the best spy pens, glasses and listening devices.  If you suspect that a family member is taking illegal drugs, then there are articles on where to by the best equipment.  We promise that we have every based covered.

And don’t forget, if you would like to write for us then get in touch. You can submit an article and we will give you the credit for it.

Home of the best spy equipment and spy gadgets


At Spyalot.com we are passionate about bringing you the  best spying equipment, combined with the very best Tech reviews. Spy equipment has evolved massively, and now in 2019 our spy products are both innovative and functional. Weather it is our discrete hidden nanny cameras, our specialist spy drones or our DNA/Infidelity/Drug testing. We have the very best spy gadgets and equipment to suit every task.