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The Best Spy Watches 2019

The Best Spy Watches

The Best Spy Watches 2019

Modern watches are more than just devices to keep track of time. They have been built with the capability of doing at least two tasks at a go. The fact that they are always on your wrist make them the best spy gadgets available in the market. Spy watches have tiny camera lenses hidden from plain sight.

Have you ever attended a meeting and wished you had recorded the event to use as evidence in future? With a hidden camera watch, you have the best solution to your problem. All you need to do is put it on and act natural, nobody will have any idea of what is happening. There are very many brands of spy watches but not all of them are your perfect choice. In this article we have compiled five of the best hidden camera watches with affordable prices.

1. KEQI HD Motion Detection Hidden Camera Watch

best spy watches

Did you miss to record something moving because your camera was on standby? Well, this hidden camera watch has got you covered with the motion detection capability. It starts recording automatically whenever it senses any sort of motion, making it one of the best in this category.

It also supports continuous recording provided you have enough power and storage space. However, that should not be a problem because it has 32GB built-in memory (About 10 hours of high quality recordings). It does not feature loop recording, meaning the process stops when the storage is full. This spy camera watch has three different video resolutions you can choose from depending on your needs.

The 380mAh battery capacity ensures that you can continue filming for up to 60 minutes. That is enough time to pick all the evidence you need for your case. Wondering how you will transfer your files? There is a USB cable in the box specifically meant for that and it is compatible with Windows OS and Mac.

2. 1080p Portable Surveillance Camcorder

Best Spy Watches

This spy camera watch resembles an upscale wristwatch built for those who value style. The elegant design draws the attention away from its shielded camera lenses. Its stainless steel frame makes its appearance a lot better than most spy camera watches. A balance of functionality an convenience makes this device stand out among the best spy gadgets

With 1080p HD camera, the images are crystal clear which makes it easy to analyze videos and photos. The video format is AVI and has a resolution of 1920*1080. Like most hidden camera watches, there is no light during the filming session. As such, no one will notice that they are being recorded. It comes with an 8GB built-in storage which can store up to 3 hours of high quality video files.

The best part is that it supports loop recording. As such, when the storage is full, the current recordings will overwrite the oldest files. It is important to back up your videos after every recording by transferring them to your PC. Connect the USB cable to your computer and copy or move data from the watch’s memory.

3. Miebul Spy Camera Watch with Night Vision

Best Spy Watches

From the outside you would think that it is a normal wrist watch, but it is not. Its camera lenses located just beneath the glass are impossible to notice. That is what makes it one of the best spy gadgets in the market. This hidden camera watch is crafted from a durable glass to ensure long-lasting performance.

It features high quality video recording of 1080p HD and playable in 1920*1080 resolutions. What is even better is its recording speed of 30 frames per second, ensuring minimal or no distortion in the output. The spy camera watch comes with a 16GB storage memory capable of storing up to 5 hours of recordings. With 90 minutes operation time, you will not have to worry about your battery running out in the middle of a meeting.

The device is easy to use with one button controlling all camera actions. In the package there is a USB cable which you will use for charging and transferring or watching all the videos recorded by the spy camera. Try it out and feel the technology at its best.

4.LKcare 1080p Spy Camera Wristband

Best Spy watches

This item is disguised as a normal smart watch, and rightly so. It functions exactly like other watches of its kind but what your friends won’t notice is the hidden camera with shielded lenses. Despite its size, it produces crisp images and high resolution videos which is what we all want. To be precise, its image and video resolutions are 1560*1440 and 1920*1080 respectively.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, this is your best option. Apart from the spy camera, the wristband also has a calorie tracker and pedometer. These additional features make it even more impossible for the targets to suspect that they are being recorded. A 16GB micro SD – expandable to 128GB – is included to make sure that you don’t run out of storage space during your mission.

It uses vibrations to alert the user of certain actions such as power off, power on, or low storage. With the ability to record while charging, low battery should never be an excuse for not completing your assignment. Get the best value for your money with this special spy camera wristband.

Best spy watches


5. Infrared Night Vision Hidden Camera Watch

best spying watches

Maybe you want to spy on someone at night and you don’t know how. The good news is, there is a way of doing that without having to put on the lights. This hidden camera has a similar design to most of the wrist watches but with hidden features. With the infrared night vision, you will be walking with a security camera right on your hand. It has high quality video output of 1920*1080 resolutions recorded at a speed of 30 frames per second. You can easily toggle between video and photo mode with a single click of a multifunctional button.

After charging it for 2 hours, the battery is able to last up to 90 minutes of continuous filming. This is made even better by a 16GB internal memory and micro SD slot that supports 32GB storage memory. Once the memory is full, it stops recording and alerts the user through vibrations. The footage can be played on your computer by connecting the hidden camera watch using its USB cable. No driver installations required for this particular task. Enjoy the technology while keeping your security intact with this spy camera wrist watch.

Best spy watches

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The Best Drug Testing Equipment

The Best Drug Testing Equipment

The Best Drug Testing Equipment

If any person took some drugs last night, at a weekend party or in work it will remain in the blood. In fact, as well as the blood, drugs can also be detected in saliva, urine or hair. It can be detected either by the government or by the employer or in a worst case by the parents. In most of the countries like United States, drug and alcohol testing is part of almost every company or business. There are a number of benefits of instant drug tests such as increased productivity, and a safe and healthy working environment. And from a personal perspective it will protect your family from any undue harm or suffering. So after careful research, we have selected the following best drug testing equipment:

10 Panel Dip Drug Testing Kit:

home  drugs test

The 10 panel dip drug testing kit detects 10 specific drugs and drug metabolites in urine. It is one the quick, affordable and instant drugs test solution. This drug testing equipment is cleared by the FDA 510 (K) and approved guidelines by SAMHSA. The 10 drugs that can be detected by 10 panel dip drug testing include;

  1. Marijuana (THC) 50 ng/ml
  2. Barbiturates (BAR) 200 ng/ml
  3. Morphine/Opiates (OPI) 2000 ng/ml
  4. Cocaine (COC) 300 ng/ml,
  5. Ecstasy (MDMA) 500 ng/ml,
  6. Benzodiazepines (BZO) 300ng/ml
  7. Methamphetamine (Mamp) 1000 ng/ml
  8. Amphetamine (AMP) 1000 ng/ml
  9. PCP 25 ng/ml
  10. Methadone (MTD) 300 ng/ml.

It has an accuracy level of 99% and meets all of the standards for the substance abuse screening set by SAMHSA. It is just a two step procedure and can be done easily and quickly. Due to its ease of use, it can be used for law enforcement drug testing, criminal justice, substance abuse rehabilitation centers, school / college / university drug testing, work place testing and home drug testing. Its shipping weight is just 0.6 ounces. All the directions and guidelines for its use are provided with its packet. After the test is completed, you can make photocopy of the result by placing the entire cup with the card face down on the copier.

BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer Portable Breath Alcohol:

home Breathalyzer

BACtrack is one of the most famous and a pioneer of breathalyzers in the market since 2001. It provides the most accurate, affordable and convenient results. It is used by police, hospitals, clinics, law enforcement agencies, and most importantly the general public. It is very reliable and easy to use. BACtrack S80 breathalyzer is trusted by police, clinics, hospitals and even by law enforcement as they know its results are most reliable and accurate. It is powered by BACtrack’s platinum based Xtend Cell Sensor. It is very easy to use. You just need to insert the two included AA batteries, then power on the breathalyzer and start testing. The results will be shown in just 10 seconds on bright and easily readable LCD screen. You can also change units of measurements for testing.

BACtrack S80 is designed to fully scan the trace of alcohol from hospital and treatment professionals to roadside law enforcement. This device is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for personal use and approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a breath alcohol screening device. Its shipping weight is 9.3 ounces and its dimensions are 2.3 x 0.8 x 4.8 inches. Currently, this device is one of the best drug testing equipment.

5 Panel Instant Drug Test Kits:

Drug testing kit

5 panel instant drug test is the most trusted, widely used and comprehensive 5 panel screening urine dip drug test on the  market. Mostly, its results are 99% accurate in detecting specific drugs. It detects 5 most of the popular drugs including

Marijuana (THC),

Opiate (OPI 2000),

Cocaine (COC),

Amphetamine (AMP),

Benzodiazepines (BZO).

It is very easy to use and clear, you just have to remove the cap and dip the test into urine for only 10 seconds. After 5 minutes, read the results. It provides a bold and clear line instantly. If two lines appear then the result is negative and if only control line appears then result is positive. If a faint line appears this still means a negative result.

Food and Drugs Administration cleared this device for home use and CLIA approved its professional use. It is ideal for law enforcement drug testing, criminal justice, substance abuse rehabilitation centers, work place testing, school / college / university drug testing and home drug testing. However, its most common users are parents to test their children, employment and pre-employment drug testing by employers and pain clinic drug testing by medical professionals. It is considered as one of the best instant drugs tests because of overall users satisfaction.

The Home Drug Test – 5 Individually Wrapped 6 Panel Multi Screen Urine Drug Tests:

home drugs testing

The 6 panel multi-screen urine drug test is used to detect 6 kinds of drugs. It is extremely simple and easy to use and anyone can use it for tests at home. It provides convenient, clear, reliable and accurate results. It is mostly used in homes by parents for their children and by the medical professional to test their patients. It detects 6 different drugs including


Cocaine (and Crack),



Opiates (such as heroin)

Benzodiazepine (Xanax, etc.).

Its results are 99% accurate and provide the same results as that of a standard lab test. It provides the result in only 5 minutes that why it is so widely used.

It detects the drugs through urine. Its usage is simple, easy and clear. You just need to dip the test into the urine sample and you will get the result in 5 minutes. If there are two lines appear on the strip then the test is negative and if you find only one line on the strip then the test is positive. The only one thing you need to care about is that you must have enough urine sample to absorb into the test strips. Its shipping weight is only 1.2 pounds.

25 Single Panel Methamphetamine Drug Test with Cassette 25 Pack:

home drug test

The single Panel Methamphetamine Drug Test is used to detect the presence of Methamphetamine in less than only 5 minutes and this drug test is also performed by the use of urine. This is an instant methamphetamine drug test and this is also known as Metamfetamine, Methylamphetamine, N-methylamphetamine, Desoxyephedrine, Meth, Crystal Meth. It is also approved by the food and drugs administration. It provides equal results to that of an expensive laboratory screening. This urine drug test is very simple and effective. This is a four step drugs test and comes with a very detailed set of instructions, and each step is printed on every foil pouch. These detailed instruction assist in making this methamphetamine drug test one of the most simple, easy and reliable screening devices for the home use and for the office use as well.

For more assistance, visual results are also pictured on both sides of the packaging and also on the urine cassette. This enables the consistent and accurate results every time. This drug test can detect the drug use up to four weeks and it basically detect the presence of synthetic opioid down to 1000 ng / ml. Its shipping weight is only 7.2 ounces. It is one of the best drug test equipments that can be used easily.

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The Best Hidden cameras

The Best Hidden Cameras

The Best Hidden cameras. 

Do you want to have an eye on caregivers when you are not at home? Do you want to check in on your pet? May be your problem is some intruders or want to ensure complete security? Or you are worried of misplaced things from your room? The best solution to all these issues is only to have a spy or hidden camera. It doesn’t matter what your need is for a hidden camera, but spy cameras are the most advanced security products now-a-days. Anyone can covertly monitor his/her place and can also provide proof if required, as these cameras also have recording feature. According to value, cost, reliability, memory capacity and ease of use, following are some of the best hidden cameras that we have selected for you after careful research.

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera Lighter N1 Wi-Fi Control:

Wireless hidden camera Lighter N1 Wi-Fi control is one of the best spy cameras on the market today, as it is very small sized, unnoticeable and easy to carry. Having all the necessary features, this tiny spy camera is hidden inside a lighter. Due to its small size, anyone can keep it everywhere. In the house or on in your pockets, It can be used practically for home security and equally appropriate for important business travel. This mini hidden camera is enabled with video shooting that has an impressive 1080P resolution. It will give you a clear video or image. It supports up to 16GB SD card. Before using the device, please make sure that SD card is securely fitted. The camera will not work until you insert a Micro SD card.

It has a build-in polymer lithium battery. If its battery is fully charged, the camera can make a video of more than 100 minutes HD video mode. It is recommended to use the camera after it is fully charged. The heating wire becomes red and hot when the ignition button is pressed, so this is also recommended that you do not use ignition function during the video shooting time. When the SD card is full, the new file will replace the old one. When it detects a moving object, it starts recording automatically. Its weight is 2.27 ounces and dimensions are 3.2 x 0.7 x 0.3 inches. Due to its tiny size and ease of use, it is one of the best hidden cameras for people wishing to spy on co-workers, family members, or anyone else.

WNAT Hidden Camera with Bluetooth Wireless Speakers:

Hidden Camera Speakers

Do you ever get worried about your home when you are out for travelling or vacation? May be you’re afraid of uninvited guests or whether you have hired the right nanny to look after your children? These are some issues which all of us face today. These problems can be solved by little bit investment on a WNAT hidden spy camera. You can watch live video from your cell phone anywhere and anytime. You just need to connect this spy camera to your wireless router. Another advanced feature of the camera is that it has a motion detector. You just have to turn on the motion detector, so when any object moves in front of the camera you will receive notification on your mobile app and can take action immediately. Moreover, this hidden camera will automatically record three photos when it observes any motion or you can choose to record a video through your mobile app.

This hidden camera has 1080P resolution and comes with a Bluetooth wireless speaker. It also has a PTZ camera lens that rotates through 180 degrees. You can also control the lens on the camera via the mobile app. This rotation will give you a wider view of the room or office you are observing. It supports up to 128GB SD card and has a 3000 mAh large battery. It is one of the best spy cameras to ensure the security of your property and your loved ones.

WiFi Hidden Camera with Wireless Phone Charger:

hidden camera phone charger

Do you hire a cleaning lady who you think is going through your drawers? Or are you unsure that your elderly parents receive enough care? This Wi-Fi hidden camera with wireless phone charger can solve your problem. This camera has dual purpose, you can use it as a phone charger and at the same time use it as a spy camera. The lens is fit in the standard Qi stand up charger and no one can even notice it while the hidden camera is recording. Everyone will think that it is only aninsignificant charger.

You just need to connect your WiFi camera with your smart phone and you can remotely see your home, shop, warehouse or wherever it is placed. It will record the video or take picture on your phone or tablet directly. It is also motion detected enabled camera that senses movement and will take picture of the scenario automatically, and also push a notification onto your mobile app. You can also set to record video upon motion detection. This wireless charger can charge your phone while you are playing or reading on your phone and no need to sit around the charger. It supports all Qi-enabled devices like iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X/S/R, Samsung S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/Note 8, and more. Its weight is 8.8 ounces and its dimensions are 5.1 x 3.2 x 3.1 inches. This is one of the best spy cameras around which is completely unnoticeable.

Wireless USB Wall Charger Spy Camera:

usb hidden camera

For the safety of your family and your property, this is also one of the best spy cameras. This hidden camera comes with wireless USB wall charger. It has perfect mini lens that can record a video or shoot a photo without being noticed or recognized as a hidden camera. Its resolution is 1080P and it provides very clear image or video. You can also use it as a real USB wall charger adapter. There will be no doubt to any passer by that it is a camera. You only have to connect the camera using your cell phone via your router. After that you can monitor the specific place such as home or shop wherever the spy camera is placed. You can even use it to keep an eye on babysitter, or your pets

Motion detection mode is also available in this camera. It will automatically send you an instant notification, and alarm will also be triggered upon any motion detection. It doesn’t matter how far you are from your home, you can watch what is happening there and can take instant action. It supports up to 128GB SD card and when the card is full it will replace the older recording with the new one. So, there is no need to change the SD card. Its weight is 4.8 ounces and its dimensions are 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches.

Wi-Fi Electrical Wall Outlet Spy Hidden Camera:

socket hidden camera

Are you fed up of uninvited guests at home when you are out? Or you suspect that your new nanny or caregiver doesn’t work properly? You can keep an eye on all these issues remotely. All you have to do is to buy a Wi-Fi electrical wall outlet spy hidden camera. There is no real electronics within this socket, it is just a spy hidden camera. The box includes 2 rechargeable batteries and each battery will support 60 days long standby time. It is also enabled with motion detection mode and starts recording video whenever it senses any movement and also warns you on your connected mobile app.

Its resolution is 720P and provides you a crystal clear photo or video. This helps you to monitor exactly what is going on at your home, shop or warehouse when you are not there. It supports up to 16GB SD card apart from the live streaming video. You can turn on recording whenever you like that will be stored on micro SD card. Its battery capacity for each battery is 1350 mAh. Its angle of view is 65 degrees. It is charged through the micro USB. Its weight is 1.02 pounds and its dimensions are 2.5 x 1.9 x 1.8 inches. Due to its easy usage, it is one of the best spy cameras available to buy.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best hidden spy cameras on  the market today.  If we have missed any out or you have tried some of these out yourself, then please let us know in the  comments section below.  We would love to hear from you.

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The Best Listening Devices For Spying

The Best Listening Devices For Spying

The Best Listening Devices For Spying


If you are looking for the best listening devices for spying then you came to the right place. There are so many spying voice recorders available in the market to choose from. Today we have listed 5 of the best listening devices for spying which are very useful and mostly come with dual functionality. You can use these devices for recording meetings, spying on colleagues or family members , interviews and much more. The best thing about these devices is that no one can recognize that you are recording. These devices can easily fit in your pocket and are of course portable.

1. Mini Voice Recorder – Voice Activated

best listening devices

If you are looking for a voice recorder that can easily fit anywhere as compared to any other voice recorder in the market, then you can check this one out. This mini voice recorder comes with a voice-activated recording feature that automatically starts recording when any sound is detected, and it helps you to avoid long hours of silent recording, you can also choose continuous recording. 

One of the best features of this voice recorder is that it supports a rechargeable 120mAh long lasting battery which can record up to 24 hours when fully charged, and it only requires one hour of charging. This recorder supports a maximum of 286 hours of recording. You can listen to the recorded audio files on your laptop or computer, smart TV and more. Another feature that separates it from other voice recorders is that it comes with a 4 digit password protected feature so that no one can access your private recordings. If you’re looking at the design, this miniature has great features that make it more attractive.

2. TOOBOM 16 GB Audio Sound Recorder

Listening Device

A digital voice recorder for an almost perfect Humanized user experience. This sound recorder is compact and portable and comes with an LCD display.  It is very lightweight, easy to use, and the sound quality is great.  This voice recorder also comes with a voice-activated feature, dynamic noise cancellation microphone and can capture up to 1536kbps crystal clear audio.  

It is equipped with a 6-six digit password protected system, so that no one can open your recorded file to steal your private information. This recorder also has a 16 GB internal memory that can stores up to 1200 hours of recording or 3000 songs at most and supports up to 128 GB of TF card. 

This recorder is perfect for recording lectures, meetings, and interviews, it is also perfect for spying on people. The battery life is great when fully charged it can record up to 50 hours at 512kbps. The time recording feature enables you to record for a specific time period only. You can transfer your recorded files easily to your Smartphone, laptop or computer. You can also listen to music to relax after meetings and study. This recorder automatically saves your recordings in case of any accidental fall. This can be a good investment for both people who wish to do some spying and businessmen.

3. USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder

best listening devices

It is designed as a regular flash drive and acts as a hidden voice recorder, no one can notice it. The most attractive thing about this recorder is its clever flash drive design, it is small and portable and easy to use. This voice recorder also has pretty good features. 

It records high-quality audio and removes unwanted voice. It is built with a smart dual connector with both USB 2.0 and micro-USB plug so that you can listen to your recordings on a PC but also on Android devices with micro-USB plug. It has a 26-hour long battery life when fully charged, full charge requires only 1 hour. The audio recorder contains 8GB memory storage, being able to store up to 94 hours of audio and is easy to use with its simple plug and play functionality. 

You can simply switch between Voice-activated recording and Continuous voice recording, voice activated recording can record up to 35 hours of recording at 512kbps. This audio recorder is great for recording conversations, meetings, discussions, and more. This product has the value for money.

4. 16 GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Best Listening Devices

The number four in our list is a Digital voice recorder pen that can record everything around you. It is designed as a professional-looking, sleek pen, this audio recorder can also function as an actual pen, means you can write and record at the same time. This can record high-quality audio and, is the perfect accessory for high-school / college/ university students that really want to stay on top of the class by noting down every single lecture in the classroom. 

It has a 16 GB internal memory that can save 5600 songs or 260 hours recorded files. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac PC; so you can also listen to your recordings on your laptop or PC. It also comes with a voice-activated feature that can automatically start the recording when any sound is detected. It also works as an mp3 player so you can listen to your favorite music by plugging in the headphone, whenever you want. Besides the recording button, it also has 2 other buttons for Volume Up/Down to make it super convenient for you to listen to your audio and music. 

The best thing about this pen is that it comes with a Lifetime Warranty so don’t have to worry about its performance,or how long it will last. It has a long battery life that can record up to 15 hours continuously with 2 hours fully charged. With good ratings and a reasonable price, it is worth buying.

5. Power Bank Voice Recorder

Best Listening Devices

Have you ever thought that a Power bank can also work as a hidden recorder? Well, it is possible only because of modern technology. It has dual functions, it can record high-quality audio and can also charge your phone at the same time. Also, it has a compact design with a simplified working mode. 

It has a 5000mAh marathon battery which lasts up to 15 days when fully charged. It has 2 different microphones with noise reduction that brings you crystal clear recording quality, the microphone is very sensitive, with great pick up range of approximately 25 feet. You can transfer your data to a Windows or Mac PC or can connect it to your Smartphone via an OTG cable. This voice recorder comes with 2 selectable recording modes, Voice Activation or Continuous Recording. In, voice activation mode recording will be automatically started when sound is detected and paused automatically when there is no sound which is necessary for hands-free working, to save memory space and to avoid several hours of silent recording.

 If you are thinking about buying a new power bank then you should buy this one because it is loaded with many functions as compared to the simple power banks.

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The Best Hidden Camera Glasses

Hidden Camera glasses

The Best Hidden Camera Glasses

It feels good to record all the things happening around us and review the videos later with our friends. But it is even more amazing when you take videos of people and objects from the exact viewing angle of your eyes. Well, with spy glasses, you can take videos of anything in front of you and no one will suspect a thing. Put them on just like your old glasses and let the camera film every object that attracts the attention of your eyes.

Before you order one from the store, there are a few factors you will need to put into consideration. Since it is a hidden camera, the quality of the video output should be prioritized. Other important things are the battery life and storage capacity. Here, we have compiled a review of five glasses to help you find the best spy equipment in the market.

1. YAOAWE 1080p HD Hidden Camera Glasses

Yes, you are spying, but that doesn’t mean you should not look good. Keep your appearance intact while you complete your mission with the stylish YAOAWE hidden camera glasses. These are specially made for students and even business professionals. Record the whole lecture or meeting and watch the whole process again later in case you missed any important part.

The camera lenses are perfectly positioned to avoid any suspicion from the target. With a 5Mp spy camera recording at a speed of 30 pixels per second, you can be sure of an undistorted video output. The recordings are played on any available player in 1920*1080 resolutions. Worried about your PC’s operating system? The hidden camera is compatible with Windows and Mac. In addition, you won’t require any driver installation for it to work. Just plug and play!

Install your 32GB storage card and start saving all the wonderful moments happening in front of your eyes. YAOAWE hidden camera glasses come with a 260mAh rechargeable battery which can last for 60 minutes after full charge

2. IceMoon Wi-Fi Full HD Spy Camera Glasses

spy glasses

It doesn’t get any better than a Wi-Fi-enabled IceMoon spy camera glasses. View real-time recordings with the best spy equipment available in the market. These hidden camera glasses can be worn by children on your pets and you can watch what they are up to straight from your phone. The camera can connect to a Wi-Fi access point within a distance of 15 meters.

The video quality in real-time mode is 1080p HD. However, if your Wi-Fi connection is slow, the quality can be adjusted to a favourable value. Perhaps the most amazing part is its motion detection capability. Whenever it senses any movement, it starts recording automatically. The recordings are saved to a removable storage capable of handling up to 64GB SD card. It also supports loop recording whereby the old files are overwritten by those created in the current session.

If you don’t have pets or children, you can mount the spy camera glasses on the wall. The package comes with mounting screws specially made for that purpose. Also included in the box are a USB cable and reference manual, in case you need help setting it up.


3. Upgraded LDPmade Hidden Camera Sunglasses

best hidden camera glasses

Are you planning to spy on someone or film an event discreetly? Well, this product could be you perfect solution. This hidden camera can record up to 80 minutes after full charge. These LDPmade glasses come with a 16GB micro SD card to enhance your recording experience. It can also support up to 32GB storage card to allow you to film for longer periods.

 If you don’t like your files being overwritten, then this is your perfect option. When the memory runs out, it alerts the user through a set of vibrations. It is important to note that each vibration rhythm has a distinct meaning. Other actions that you could be alerted for are: low battery, power on or off. The best part is that it is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac.

The package comes with a 16GB SD card, an instructional manual, and a USB cable to connect your hidden camera glasses to a computer. This is a great choice for those working with a tight budget but still want to have fun.

4. KINGEAR 1080p HD Camera Sport glasses

best spying glasses

Record your cycling or fishing experience with Kingear hidden camera glasses. This equipment was made specifically for those who like sports and other outdoor activities. It has polarized glasses to protect you from ultraviolet rays that could damage your sight. The 5Mp camera capable of shooting 1080p HD videos will provide you with stunning pictures. Relive the cheerful moments through non-stop recording enhanced by a 500mAh battery. After charging it for about 3 hours, you have 1.5 hours of full HD filming session.

With clear glass lenses, and a comfortable frame, you can wear it the entire session without any irritation. It is created to provide a clear video within a view angle of 65 degrees. The USB cable provided in the box will help you connect the glasses to a PC and play all your recordings. The video format is compatible with Windows player and Real Player just to mention a few. If you can’t set it up, go through the installation manual that comes together with the rest of the package.  

5. Bear Grylls Waterproof Hidden Camera Sport Glasses

hidden camera glasses

Don’t let the rains prevent you from filming the favorite parts of your adventure. These Bear Grylls sport glasses come with waterproof hidden camera. You can put them on during any weather and they will complete their intended job perfectly. With the camera positioned between your eyes, the videos are recorded in the exact angle you viewed the objects or people.

Both eye lenses are polarized and have the ability to protect you from direct UV light. The spy glasses have the instant-recording capability enabled after you press the record button. With a speed of 30 pixels per second, the camera captures anything in its way instantly. Make your adventure archives even better with stunning photos and videos. The video output has a resolution of 1920*1080 in M-JPEG format playable on any device (your phone or PC).

They weight only two ounces in total, which is good news for those who would like to carry them around. In the package you will find a safety strap with floating mechanism and a USB cable. Check out these hidden camera glasses and you will not regret your investment.

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Best Spy Gadgets 2019

Best Spy Gadgets

The Best Spy gadgets

Are you a good spy or want to become a spy like James Bond 007? You want to spy on someone for any personal matter or work concern, but fed up of old ways and technologies of spying. You are on the right place as we present you the latest and the best spy gadgets. After making a hefty research and keeping in mind all the spying aspects, we come up with the following five best spy equipments:

USB Polygraph:

usb polygraph machine

You want the truth out of someone or looking for the party entertainment or even want to make your friends sweat? The USB polygraph is the best spy gadget that can be used for this purpose. This lie detector can bring crooks from the saints for you. Its lie detecting accuracy is almost 85% to 99%.

This polygraph machine is best for home use with the latest software and hardware. This machine is very easy to use and there is no learning or training required. Just hook it up to your system’s USB port and connect the sensors to your test subject. Ask and enter your questions, the software will analyze the responses i-e pulse rate, body language, sweat, breathing and face expressions. After quick analyzing, the software will give you the truth. The box will contain USB polygraph machine, pulse-detecting finger chip, breathing apparatus, skin galvanization finger wraps, USB cable, electronics box having software CD to use the machine on your PC and a set of detailed instructions. Physically, this machine is very small and light weight. As far as its dimensions are concerned it is 5.3 x 5.1 x 2.9 inches and its weight is 11.8 ounces. This spy gadget is really economical and super easy to use.

Eilimy Anti-Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector:

There is always a chance that someone is monitoring you without your knowledge. If you have the feeling that you are being recorded and you are very much concerned about your privacy then Eilimy Anti-Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector is one of the best spy gears. Eilimy signal detector is a beneficial device to ensure your privacy. Basically, it is helpful in detecting different signal transmission devices like hidden cameras, microphones, GPS trackers and similar kinds of bugs. It detects through the signal fluctuations in the surroundings and then lock the signal transmission devices that are harmful for your personal information. This signal detector has a wide range of detection and high sensitivity. The alarm sound will be faster when the signal detector is closer to the sourse.

Eilimy signal detector can be used anywhere such as in homes, cars, hotels, washrooms, important business meetings and offices to name a few. It is very easy to use, physically small and also portable. Its old version was G318 and this is the latest version G319 with same price lot of advanced technologies like powerful built-in battery for improved standby time, heat dissipation performance, chip manufacturing technology, powerful quality and new beautiful appearance. Signal detectors’ box contains the detectors, signal antennas, adapters, lithium polymer batteries fully charged for 20-25 hours, USB cables. This signal detector is very efficient with highest performance rate.

Portable GPS Tracker:

Everybody want to look after his/her assets, children, spouses, elderly persons and vehicles. Its not easy to stay with them all the time. Portable GPS tracker is perfectly designed to fulfil this purpose. It is the most easily used device in all spy gears. It can be inserted in a backpack, in pocket, attached to vehicle or even to a belt. After that, you can set up geo-fence areas to see the enters and exits of the subject. It is tracked and mapped through Google Maps over the internet. You have to pay only $25 every month and will receive email or text whenever the subject leaves geo-fence areas. There is no activation or cancellation fees for the device.

As far as its size is concerned, STI GL300 is 3 inches in length and only 8 ounces in weight. It can be adjusted and moved anywhere undetected. If you want to protect it from snow, rain and accidental drops, you can use Spytec’s rugged M2 weatherproof case. On a single charge, STI GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker runs upto 2-3 weeks. If you need 6-month long battery that is also available. It can also be permanently powered using 12V power source in the vehicle. It is one of the best spy gadgets due to its location monitoring with pin-point accuracy.

Hausbell Listening Device:

Listening Device

Sometimes people talk about you in your surroundings and you are curious to hear that negotiations. But this is not possible due to our natural ear listening limits. In this matter, Housbell listening device helps us in hearing the conversations up to 300-feet away. The conversations may be about the business or home or your closed ones that is important to be known. This spy equipment is not recommended under 6 year’s children. The user must be 6 years old and older. It is also not recommended in a place with many appliances. So use it in a broad and spacious place. Noise and other sounds can interrupt or disturb you, so choose a peaceful environment for device’s proper working.

You just need to pull the trigger to amplify sound when you look through the targeting scope. No SD card or SIM is required. It can record sounds itself for 12 seconds. Hausbell listening device also include other features such as frequency controller, record button, playback button, 8x monocular, on/off switch and free headphone. It is powered by a 9 volt battery. Its weight is 1.15 pounds and dimensions are 9.1 x 9.1 x 6.7 inches. Due to its benefits, it is one of the best spy gears.

NENRENT S570 Wireless Bluetooth Earbud:

spy ear piece

Wireless Bluetooth earbud is one of the famous technologies used now-a-days. Currently, the latest version is The NENRENT S570 Earbud that is designed according to ergonomics and S570 is the smallest Bluetooth earbud. It perfectly fits in the ear and it is recommended to wear in the right ear for its better performance. Its Bluetooth version is iSSC V4.1 that supports multipoint technology and can be connected to two different devices that are available in 10 meters distance simultaneously. It can be used during driving, running, climbing, camping, riding and intense exercise. As far its charging performance is concerned, it has built-in high performance rechargeable Lithium-poly 60mAh battery. This advanced battery runs up to 6 hours call time, 4-6 hours music playtime and 130 hours standby time. It can be fully charged in only 2 hours. This device is appropriate and stable for clear HD audio for listening to Podcasts, Netflix and Audiobooks. It can be connected to most Bluetooth enabled devices. It supports streaming audio, video or music and engage only one ear and the other to keep aware of your surroundings. You don’t need to hold your phone while streaming or driving or doing any chore in the home. It can be controlled with one button to power on/off, pair Bluetooth, play/pause audio, answer/end calls.

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The Best Dash Cams 2019

best dash cams 2019

The Best Dash Cams 2019

Nowadays dash cams have a great importance in the life of a car owner. It acts as a hidden CCTV camera that can be used for spying on others recording road accidents and can be used as a proof in a court of law. There are many dash cams available on the market but it’s very hard to choose the right one. Here are the 5 best dash cam that you can buy for your car.

1. Apemen Dash Cam 1080p FHD DVR car driving recorder

Best Dash Cam

If you are thinking about buying a new dash cam for your car but your budget is not very high then you can try this one out. Apemen dash cam has a 1700  super wide angle which is ideal for you when you are driving in a wide highway or large intersection. It has 1080p full HD and large display but it has not a touch display. It runs very smoothly with a 32 GB (class 10) SDcard that needs to be formatted for the first use.  The camera quality is excellent during the day time. However, at the night time, the camera takes time to adjust but it has headlight detection that makes the video clearer and crisper. The size of the camera is small so it can easily fit behind the mirror so it does not cause any distraction. Another good thing about this camera is, it has a very easy and simple installation process. It has a motion detection feature built in, that enables it to automatically start recording when the car starts and stops the recording when your car stops. It also comes with a parking mode that can monitor the surroundings of the car while you are away. It has G-sensor technology which automatically saves footage in the events leading up to a collision and immediately after.  The best thing about Apemen is that it has a very good and responsive customer care service. Its battery life is 20 minutes but you can use this while charging for a long time.

2. YI Smart Dash Cam, 2.7″ Screen 1080P60 

dash camera

The Yi Smart Dash Cam is equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System feature or ADAS for short. This feature alerts you in real-time if you’re drifting outside of your lane while driving or following to close to the vehicle in front of you. It comes with 1080 Full HD display without touch. It comes with a dedicating YI Dash App with this app, you can connect with the camera wirelessly and view live video feed and can adjust the camera settings. It has 1650  ultra-wide lens that can monitors 3 lanes comfortably. It also supports loop recording but It does not have a parking mode. One of the best features of this camera is that it also has G-sensor technology which automatically saves footage in the events leading up to a collision but it is not enabled with the motion detection technology which is not a big issue.  It has 1920x1080p  60fps high-speed video recording that captures fast-moving scenes and creates high-resolution images. You need a 64 GB SD card for a smooth experience which needs to be formatted. The suction for attaching the cam to the windshield hold up very well under the hot and cold temperature changes and do not move at all.

3. Dash Cam, Crosstour 1080P Car DVR Dashboard Camera

best dash camera

This is also one of the best dash cameras. It has a 3 inch large LCD screen which shows the real-time images. It comes with a 170° wide angle lens that allows a larger viewing angle to be recorded. It comes with 2 cords and a cigarette lighter. The built-in quality for the price is very nice. It is cheap, reliable and easy to set up. It also includes loop recording, G-sensor and motion detection technology. Night vision is fine if you have your headlights on. Pretty much anything you can see at night from this dash cam, the WDR technology enables it to restore the true colors of the objects at night. It works well with a 32 GB (Class 10) memory card but 64 GB also works fine. The camera quality is FANTASTIC, especially when uploaded to your computer, you can see everything: license plates, car types, even birds in the sky. Battery life is short but it can be used while charging. This can be a good investment for car owners.

4. Anker Roav Dash Cam A1, 

spy dash cam

The number four in this list is the Anker Roav Dash Cam which comes with a premium build quality. It has the value for money. It has a 1080p FHD LCD display with super wide angle lens that can capture a wide road in crystal clear definitions.  This dash camera has WIFI where you can set camera parameters and download video files. This dash cam doesn’t offer ADAS, but it does have a cousin, “parking collision detection,” which turns on the camera if the car is moved forcefully enough but it is too sensitive. It also comes with a dedicated app by which you can change the camera settings, download videos directly from your mobile. It supports a 32 GB(class 10) memory card. However regular formatting of memory card is recommended. The advanced nighthawk vision enables it to capture clear images at night. The other features include; G-sensor, WDR, and motion detection technology.  The suction cup holder sits upon the windshield with a considerable amount of suction and doesn’t threaten to fall off like any other dash cam

5. Rove R2-4K car dashboard camera recorder

Dash Camera Recorder

If your budget is slightly higher then this dash cam is for you. This is another dash cam from rove which records up to 2160p
(Ultra-HD) 1500 wide angle 4k videos that make it different from any other dash cam in the market. This dash cam is loaded with many features. Apart from basic features, it comes with a GPS that is not a feature included in any of the dash cam mentioned in this article. Built-in GPS accurately records your driving location and speed. With the help of GPS, you can check your driving route and traffic on Google maps. It has night vision technology that captures crystal clear images at night. It supports up to 128GB class 10 – U3 speed micro SD card. The best thing about this is that it has a very beautiful design and small in size so it can fit behind the mirror easily. Another exciting feature in this dash cam is that it has a voice guidance feature that gives you a great experience while driving. Time-Lapse Video feature allows you to capture specific images per second at a much lower rate.

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The Best Spy Pens 2019


The Best Spy Pens 2019

Have you ever thought of having a spying device just to keep an eye on someone at the workplace? Well, we’ve all been there, but which is the best spy equipment to carry out this task? You guessed it right! A spy pen camera will be a perfect choice because, for one, it is an office. No one will suspect your intensions, not even the person you are spying on. It is also portable and can record secretly while you are in motion.

There is a variety of spy pen cameras in the market but not all of them will satisfy your needs. Specifications such as video quality and appearance are important while deciding on which pen to buy. You wouldn’t want one whose lenses are obvious to another person’s eyes, otherwise it will lose its purpose. This list contains five spy pens that will best serve your interests and at an affordable price too.

DareTang 1080P HD Spy Pen Camera

Best Spy pens

DareTang’s pinhole lens makes it impossible to suspect the presence of a camera in this pen. However, do not mistake its physical size for its video quality. It comes with a 1080P HD camera giving you undistorted video and stunning images. You can later playback your recorded data with a video resolution of 1920*1080. Your spying is made even easier with a 75-degree viewing angle. You can record a wide scene without having to shift positions every time – which again reduces the possibility of suspicions.

The spy pen has a micro SD/TF card slot supporting up to 32GB. You can continually record whatever you need without having to worry about the storage. What makes it even better is that instead of stopping, it will overwrite the oldest files saved in the SD card. Don’t miss any important scenes while trying to create more space in your storage.

In case you are wondering what will happen if the ink runs out, here is the solution. Included in the package are two pen refills to aid you through your mission. Therefore, you can continue writing while recording the target. There is also a USB cable to let you connect the pen to your computer and a manual for reference.


UTOPB Hidden Spy Pen Camera HD 1080P

spy pen
There are many spy pens in the market but not enough of them give you value for your money. With this pen, however, you will enjoy every bit of your investment. What makes it standout from the rest is its storage capacity. In addition to a built-in 16GB memory, you can also add up to 64GB external storage. As such, you can record several hours of high quality video nonstop. To make it even better, its fully-charged battery can last 70 minutes if used continuously.

The UTOPB spy pen camera has a video output of 1080 pixels, full HD. Sometimes the small details in a picture are what matter. With 1920*1080 playback resolution, you can analyze even the slightest changes in your final video. The recorded files are saved continually after every 10 minutes to make your analysis a lot easier.

In the box you will find a USB cable to let you connect the pen to your PC. As such you can transfer or playback all videos stored in the spy pen’s internal storage. There are also five ink fills to enhance your spying process. Not many spy equipment top the UTOPB hidden camera in quality and effectivity.

FuVision Hidden Spy Pen Camera

Imagine setting up a meeting with your target then the spy camera’s battery runs out midway. Avoid such frustrations by arming yourself with FuVision spy pen. With up to 2 hours of nonstop recording, it has arguably the best battery capacity of all devices in the category. As such, you can interview and obtain as much information as you want while the pen does its magic. In addition, there is a free 16GB storage with the option of an extra external SD card.

High recording speed of about 30 frames per second makes it ideal for your desired purpose. Its video is recorded in 1080P HD and you can playback the output in 1920*1080 resolution. The pen is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems with no software installation required. Just plug it to your PC using its USB plug or cable and play the recorded videos.

The package comes with a USB cable and a manual to help you while setting up your hidden spy pen camera. There are also three ink fills to make sure that you continue using your pen even if the initial ink runs out. Try it out and you won’t regret the decision

PORTOCAM POT21 FHD 1080P Spy Pen Camera

spy pen

Maybe you want to spy on someone at night without drawing any attention. This spy pen camera is the perfect choice to complete your mission. It can capture images of objects within 16ft in night mode recording for 90 minutes and 180 minutes in normal conditions. You can set it up in your office and check later if anyone accessed your valuable documents without your knowledge. The wide viewing angle makes it easier to cover most part of the office with a single shot.

The images are crystal clear (1080p full HD) and its video output is undistorted. Whether recorded at night or during the day, the tiny details in a video are visible. These high quality videos might take up huge storage space, but don’t worry! This hidden camera supports loop recording. Always make sure to transfer old recordings to your PC because when the pen’s memory is full, it overwrites the oldest data.

Once you receive the pen, no installation is required. With a single button located at the top, you can start and stop recording without anyone noticing. Videos are saved after every 2 minutes with time stamps to simplify your analysis.

AMCSXH HD 1080p Hidden Spy Pen Camera

Best Spy Camera Pen

Need the best spy equipment? This spy camera has a feel of a normal and trendy pen which takes away all the attention from its hidden lenses. Just set it on your chest pocket and let the magic begin. Its high video quality is worth mentioning because it is an important specification for any spy camera. With M-JPEG and JPG video and image formats, its output is compatible with every video player on your PC.

It doesn’t matter where you want to carry out the operation. This spy pen camera will let you record at school, home, or even in a meeting. It has one button to toggle between taking a video or photos. While doing all these, you won’t have to worry about its storage because it supports up to 32GB SD card storage. Like most high end spy pen cameras, it automatically overwrites older files when it runs out o storage during a recording session.

The pen comes with one USB cable and two ink refills. Don’t stop recording because you can’t write anymore. Refill your pen and continue spying. There is no better way of proving someone’s misgivings than with a video recording.

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The 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps 2019

The 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps 2019

Sourcing the best cell phone spy apps can be a minefield, there are so many to choose from and all of them claim to best the best , the cheapest and the most advanced. Thankfully we are help to navigate you through this minefield

These days, phone spy apps can be used to track a person without their knowledge. The are very popular even with persons outside the law enforcement community. Some of the top cell phone spy software users are parents and guardians . In 2019 it really is a dangerous world out there, and parents want to make sure their kids are safe at all times.

The best cell phone spy apps let you snoop on text messages, view photos, monitor social media, track the location of people, and even record phone conversations. Today’s best spy software will even record all data online where you  as a concerned parent or spouse  can quietly access it. Some of the spy apps on this list can even record ambient noise through the microphone or remotely take a photo using the phone’s camera. How cool is that?

So let’s have a look at the Top 10 best cell phone spy apps available.


Spyphone app

SpyFone rightfully holds the top spot in our review of the best cell phone spy software for 2018. Available for Android or iPhone, SpyFone offers world-class monitoring at a surprisingly affordable price ($24 per month for 6 months).

SpyFone also edged out the competition for its ease of use: the software is advanced enough to handle complex requests, but the UI is extremely beginner-friendly. Whether you’re a programmer or you’re clueless with technology, you’ll have no trouble using SpyFone to monitor Android and iPhone devices.

Some of the notable features on SpyFone tracking software include:

  • It will monitor All Activity: You can track usage 24/7 and even view phone screens in real-time.
  • It has Easy Online Access: Track all phone usage via an easy online platform.
  • You are able to check the Check GPS Location of the phone: SpyFone has detailed GPS location tracking, making it easy to see where the target smartphone is down to a 10 to 15 feet radius.
  • You are able to Track Multiple Devices at the same time : SpyFone is one of the few tracking apps that lets you track multiple devices from a single account. You can track up to 5+ devices per account.
  • You are able to spy on Calls and Texts: do you want to Spy on all communication from a specific device? You can easily do that with SpyFone. This cell phone spy app lets you remotely monitor calls, texts, emails, messaging apps, Facebook activity, social media conversations, and more.
  • Spyfone allows you to monitor Images and Video: Check which videos and images are being saved, sent, or received from the targeted device. SpyFone lets you see all photos, videos, and other files stored on the device.
  • Stay completely silent and hidden at all times: All of the cell phone spy apps on this list hide themselves on the device. However, SpyFone has the unique benefit of being absolutely undetectable from an ordinary device. You can choose to display the spy app icon in the notification tray. Or, you can let the app run completely silently.
  • Unlike most Cell Phone Spy Apps It works on All Platforms: SpyFone works with all Apple and Android devices, including phones from manufacturers like Motorola, Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and others.
  • There is NO Jailbreak Required: SpyFone has a non-jailbreak version available, making it easy to install the app on any device, regardless of whether it’s been jailbroken or rooted.
  • Finally, there is one more important thing that distinguishes SpyFone from all others: you are able to buy a phone with pre-installed tracking software. Or, if you wish you can download the software and install the tracker yourself. No other tracking apps give you this option.

SpyFone is also totally hidden: once it’s been installed on a device, it’s impossible to detect unless you know exactly where to look in the root directories of the phone.


So, without a doubt SpyFone is our Star Buy Cell phone spy app

The Price: $24 per month for 6 months – or $49 per month for monthly



myspy app

mSpy is one of the more popular cell phone spy apps available. With over 1 million users, mSpy has helped people worldwide track and monitor all types of phone communications.

The biggest issue you will encounter with mSpy is the set up process: you will need to install the mSpy app on your targeted phone, you will then need to activate it using your product key. Once you’ve done that, you can monitor all phone communications remotely through the mSpy online platform.

So what does The MSPY Cell Phone Spy App do?

  • mSpy lets you track everything you would expect to track, including SMS, WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger messages, phone calls, browsing history, and GPS location. Additional features include social media monitoring, a non-jailbreak version, parental controls, and even a keylogger.
  • It allows for Social Media Monitoring: Track activity on Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and other popular social media apps.
  • Keylogger: Monitor everything that’s being typed into the device, including passwords, search history, and messages.
  • There is a Non-Jailbreak Version Available: Other phone spy apps require rooting or jailbreaking. mSpy has a non-jailbreak version available, although you’ll still need to know your target’s Apple ID and password.
  • Parental Controls: mSpy lets you automatically block inappropriate websites, unwanted apps, and incoming calls.

Overall, mSpy is ideal for parents looking to spy on their children. It’s feature-rich and easy to use. Myspy also has some awesome tech support standing by to walk you through the process.

The Price: $30 to $230 (Basic, Premium, and Bundle subscription kits are all available)



flexispy app

The FlexiSPY cell phone app is best known for its Call Interception feature, this allows you to record and secretly listen to phone calls without the knowledge of the cell phone owner. However, this feature is only available on rooted or jailbroken devices.

Apart from Call Interception, FlexiSPY has all of the great features you’d expect to find one the top cell phone spy apps of 2018.

What else does the Flexispy App do?

  • It allows for Live Call Interception: Intercept any telephone call on the target device, then listen to and record the conversation.
  • It allows you to Record Ambient Noise: Remotely activate the target phone’s microphone to listen to ambient noise. You can also record any ambient noise that gets picked up on the phone’s microphone. Perfect for detecting kissing /sexual sounds from cheating spouses
  • RemCam: Remote activation of the spy camera on the target phone to quietly take a picture, then view that photo through your FlexiSPY account.

If you don’t mind rooting or jailbreaking your device before you install the spying app, then FlexiSPY is an awesome option. It has features you can’t find on any other tracking app. It’s also the oldest spy app on this list, having been originally launched in 2006. However, it doesn’t work at all on non-rooted or non-jailbroken devices.

The Price: $149 to $349 (Premium and Extreme versions are both available)



highster mobile

The Highster Mobile spy app is another popular cell phone tracking app. It’s not as techy and app rich as SpyFone, but it does an amazing job of providing comprehensive phone tracking of the most essential phone functions. You can use Highster Mobile to track GPS data, text messages, call logs, photos, browsing history, contacts, calendar, app data, and more, for example.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced phone spying app available for iOS and Android devices, then Highster Mobile is a great option.

What Does The Highster cell phone spy app do?

  • It offers a One-Time Fee: Other options on this list, including mSpy, charge monthly subscription fees. Highster Mobile, on the other hand, charges a one-time fee of $69.99.
  • You can View Call Logs: Highster Mobile won’t record the actual phone calls. However, it will record all call logs, including the date, time, numbers, and duration of those calls.
  • You can View Browsing History: Monitor which websites have been visited on your target devices.
  • You can Track GPS Data: Know where your target device is at all times, including its location history and current location.
  • Message Monitoring: Track all text messages sent on the device, including deleted messages.
  • You can View Photos: Any photos on the device will be uploaded to your Highster Mobile account.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Highster Mobile lets you monitor social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, although you’ll need to root the target device first.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for great GPS, message, and photo tracking at a reasonable price, then Highster Mobile might be the right choice for you. However, if you’re looking for advanced social media monitoring, then you may want to stick with a more feature-rich option like SpyFone.

The Price: $69.99 (one-time fee)



phonesherrif app

PhoneSheriff has a really catchy name. it also has enough features to compete with SpyFone and other top phone spying apps on our list. The app is designed to be easy for everyone to use. Like mSpy, you’ll find plenty of parental control features.

What does the Phonesheriff Cell phone spy app do?

  • It will Block Anything: PhoneSheriff will block virtually anything unwanted from your phone – including specific apps, websites, and contacts. You can totally prevent the phone from calling or messaging a specific person, for example.
  • It will Create Time Restrictions: Block all phone activity during certain times of the day. You might block all app usage during homework time, for example, or prevent phone calls overnight.
  • It has Geo-Fencing Alerts: Receive an alert when the target device travels outside a certain geo-fenced area. You can designate the area on your map via your PhoneSheriff control panel.
  • The phonesherrif spy app Profanity Alert: Setup your own custom list of vulgar words. Then, you’ll receive an alert whenever one of those words is typed into the device. This can also be used for certain trigger words that aren’t profanity. If you’re tracking a spouse, for example, then you might add your own name to the profanity alert system.

Overall, PhoneSheriff is a tracking app catered towards parents who want to track their kids. Popular unique features include time restrictions, profanity filters, and a geo-fencing alert.  Although it’s catered to parents, some of its features may appeal to other phone spy app users – like jealous spouses.There’s one major drawback of PhoneSheriff: due to legal problems, you can no longer purchase the hidden version of PhoneSheriff. The app notifies users that they’re being monitored at all times, which is why this is ideal for parents who are tracking their kids.

The Price: $49 to $89 (6 month and 12 month subscriptions available)




Like most of the best cell phone spy apps iKeyMonitor is a simple yet effective iPhone spying app capable of recording texts, instant messages, browser history, and keystrokes. It’s an advanced keylogger app for iOS. One of the unique things about iKeyMonitor is that all of this information is sent to your email address: there’s no need to log into an online dashboard to view information, nor do you require physical access to the phone after you install iKeyMonitor. Core features on iKeyMonitor include all of the following:

What does the IKEYMONITOR Cell phone spy app do 

  • It offers a Free 3 Day Trial: Most phone spying apps offer a 3 to 7 day trial – but not all of them do. iKeyMonitor offers a free 3 day trial that lets you try before you buy.
  • You can View All Keystrokes: iKeyMonitor is essentially a keylogger – similar to the ones hackers use. The software lets you view every keystroke typed across all apps – including everything from web browsers to messengers to email apps.
  • You are able to Capture Passwords: Like any keylogger, iKeyMonitor captures passwords typed into the device.
  • You can Take Screenshots: iKeyMonitor lets you take a screenshot periodically while the phone is in used. You can record screen activity as often as you like, which is useful for matching keylogging data with apps on the phone.
  • Jailbreak Required: As you may have guessed, iPhones and iPads don’t have native keylogger support. You’ll need to install iKeyMonitor on a jailbroken iOS device for it to work.

iKeyMonitor is a simple but powerful keylogger software for jailbroken iOS devices. It captures all information typed into the device – from passwords to websites visited. The screenshot and screen recording capability is also a nice touch. The high-powered tracking software comes with an appropriately high price tag.

Price: $49.99 (1 month) or $299.99 (1 year)



spyera app

SpyEra lets you intercept and record phone calls. You can also activate a phone’s microphone remotely to record ambient cell phone noise. The software is compatible with iOS and Android. The purchase of one license also lets you install it on multiple cell phones. Overall, SpyEra is one of the best cell phone spy apps available at a reasonable price compared to other options on this list. Core features of SpyEra include:

What does the Spyera Cell phone Spy app do?

  • It Supports iOS and Android: SpyEra is available on rooted Androids and jailbroken iOS devices. You can also install it on BlackBerry and Symbian devices.
  • You are able to Remotely Activate the Microphone: SpyEra lets you remotely activate the microphone on the phone to listen to surrounding noise – including any ambient noise in the environment.
  • You can Monitor Other Phone Data: In addition to ambient noise monitoring, SpyEra lets you read SMS and text messages, emails, and address book information. You can also monitor messenger apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and more.
  • You Can Access All Media Files: Remotely access all media files on the target device, including photos and videos.
  • It has Phone Call Monitoring and Recording: Remotely monitor and record phone calls made over the device.

Overall, SpyEra is ideal for remote call monitoring and recording. The ability to activate the microphone to listen to ambient noise can also be helpful. Aside from call monitoring and recording, SpyEra has all of the features you’d expect to find on tracking software.

The Price: $189 (3 months); $289 (6 months); $389 (12 months)



mobilespy app

Mobile Spy is one of the best cell phone spy apps primarily designed as monitoring software for parents and employers. It comes with an advanced dashboard that lets you monitor all activity remotely. You can silently monitor text messages, GPS locations, call details, photos, and social media activity, for example. The main drawback of Mobile Spy is that, due to legal issues, Mobile Spy now needs to display an “MS Monitoring” icon that notifies the owner of the phone that they’re being monitored.

What does the Mobile Spy Cell Phone Spy App Do?

  • It Supports Multiple OSes: Mobile Spy supports iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.
  • It is Great for Parents: Mobile Spy’s main customers are parents concerned about the phone usage of their child or teenager. Popular features include the ability to have the phone’s most recent pictures and texts emailed to you. Parents can also monitor all phone activity through the admin panel.
  • It will Monitor Everything: Like all good phone tracking solutions, Mobile Spy lets you track virtually all device activity. The admin panel provides an overview of location history for the device as well as browsing history, text logs, and call logs.
  • It has Powerful Location Tracking: Want to get an alert when your teen leaves a certain area? Mobile Spy has advanced geofencing and location tracking features for exactly that reason.
  • You can View Live Screen: You can get a live look at the phone’s screen using the admin panel.

Developed by Retina-X Studios, Mobile Spy is one of the most reputable and best cell phone spy apps on our list. The software – for better or worse – provides a more “legal” solution than other phone monitoring solutions. It’s marketed primarily towards parents and employers. If you install Mobile Spy on a device, then the device will have a notification alerting the user that Mobile Spy is monitoring device activity.

The Price: $99.97 per year




truthspy app

TheTruthSpy is a cell phone tracking application that launched in 2017. It provides basic monitoring at a higher price than most other options on this list. You can track multiple devices, including smartphones, PCs, and tablets. The software can be a bit more complicated to use than other options on this list – particularly when compared to parent-friendly competitors like Mobile Spy. However, TheTruthSpy makes up for this complicated User interface with robust features including all of the following:

What does the Truthspy Cell Phone Spy App Do?

  • It has Ambient Noise Recording: Silently activate the microphone remotely to listen to ambient sounds around the target device.
  • it has Real-Time Location Monitoring: Track the location of the target smartphone in real-time. View real-time location changes throughout the day.
  • It allows you to View Texts and Messaging History: Like most monitoring apps on this list, TheTruthSpy cell phone spy app lets you monitor texts, messaging app data, and other information.
  • SIM Card Notifications: You’ll receive a notification if the target phone changes its SIM card. Sometimes, a user may change the SIM card to temporarily avoid detection.

Overall, TheTruthSpy is one of the least reputable cell phone spy apps on this list. The software is specifically marketed as a way to catch cheating spouses – despite the fact that it’s illegal to install phone tracking someone without someone’s permission. The website is also filled with fake reviews, and the official website’s security certificate is expired – which is concerning because the manufacturer expects you to input credit card data into the website. Nevertheless, TheTruthSpy provides features similar to other options on this list – albeit at a significantly higher price than most of its competitors.

Price: $21.99 to $30.99 per month; $130.99 to $184.99 per year




xn spy app

XNSPY is a powerful, non-intrusive cell phone spy app with some of the best features you’ll find in mobile tracking software. You can monitor WhatsApp chats and other messaging data. You get a detailed report on location information throughout the day. The software is available for Android and iPhone, and a live demo is available online. Overall, XNSPY is one of the top phone monitoring software solutions on the market today – and the price is surprisingly affordable compared to other options on this list, especially considering the robust features available.

What does the XNSPY Cell Phone Spy App Do?

  • It has Multiple Mobile Operating Systems: XNSPY supports Android and iPhone monitoring. It works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices (as well as rooted and non-rooted Androids).
  • It allows the monitoring of SMS and Messenger Chats: XNSPY allows you to monitor all messenger chats and SMS conversations, including iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, and most other popular apps.
  • You can Monitor Call Logs: XNSPY lets you remotely check call logs and view the contact list in the target device.
  • You can Monitor GPS Location: Remotely check the device’s location history throughout the day, getting a complete and detailed report on the phone’s movement any time.
  • You can View Multimedia Files: XNSPY allows you to check all photos and videos saved on the target phone or tablet.
  • You can Record Phone Calls and Ambient Noise: XNSPY allows you to quietly activate the microphone to record ambient noise. You can also record all calls made on the device.#
  • It has 24/7 Alerts: Setup XNSPY to send you alerts 24/7 to protect your kids or employees against abuse.
  • You can Control Device Activity Remotely: XNSPY lets you remotely lock a phone, take a screen shot, implement usage time restrictions, and remotely control the device in other ways.

Overall, XNSPY is also one of thebest cell phone spy apps on the market today. The app has all of the features you could expect in a tracking solution – and more. The software is also very easy to use. It’s hard to find a fault with this software. Despite the advanced features, XNSPY’s price is very competitive with other options on this list. The only real drawback is that you’ll need to pay for an annual subscription upfront, and no monthly subscription is available.

Price: $99.99 per year (Basic Edition) or $149.99 per year (Premium Addition)



please take into account the following before you buy spy phone software for iOS or Android:

1) You’ll Need to Access the Target Phone: The phone tracking apps listed above require physical access to the target device. Typically, you download the mobile app onto the device. Or, you download computer software and connect the phone to the computer. In any case, you’ll need physical access to the target phone.

2) Make Sure the Software is Compatible with the Target Device: Some spy software only works on iOS. Other software only works on Android. Other software – including our leading option, SpyFone, works on both operating systems. Check your phone tracking software to make sure it’s compatible with your target device. You can find the list of compatible devices on the software maker’s website.

3) Your Target Phone Needs Access to the Internet: The phone you’re tracking will need an internet connection – either via a normal mobile network or Wi-Fi. This internet connection will be used to upload data to your spy app dashboard, allowing you to track the device remotely.

4) You May Need to Root or Jailbreak your Phone: Targeted Android devices may require rooting before you install the spying app. Similarly, iPhones may require jailbreaking. Both rooting and jailbreaking allow you to avoid manufacturer restrictions on the device. By rooting or jailbreaking, you have full control over the device and can view all actions performed on that device. Even if an app doesn’t specifically require rooting, phone tracking apps typically work better on rooted devices. Our top app, SpyFone, has a non-jailbreak mode available.

5) Check Local Laws Before Using a Spy Phone App: In the United States, it’s legal for companies to monitor employee activity on company-owned devices – like a cell phone or laptop that the company provides to its employees. Parents also have the right to monitor their children’s phone usage. In most other situations, you’ll need specific permission from someone before installing a spy phone app. Check local laws to make sure you’re not doing anything illegal.


So you’ve read our list of the best cell phone spy software apps above. Now, you’re ready to install one. Here’s the basic process you use to install a spy app:


best cell phone spy apps

There’s a reason SpyFone is so highly-rated online: it’s the best cell phone spy apps we have ever used. It’s packed with all of the features you want on phone spy software. It’s also ridiculously easy to use – so even if you’re not a tech whiz, you can get it running within minutes. It runs silently, is priced at an affordable $24 per month, and works on non-jailbroken iOS and Android phones.

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How To Choose The Right Spy Camera Glasses

Spy Glasses

How To Choose The Right Spy Camera Glasses


Spy Glasses

Have you ever wondered if spy camera glasses really work? and even more so if they can really help in your investigation? These days a good pair of spy glasses can be purchased for under $60 . But, it’s also really important to learn about the different features that each model has, so you can decide which one matches your needs.

As you have probably noticed, there are loads to choose from out there, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you choose the best spy camera glasses for you.

Keep on reading for all the details and our Star Buy recommended spy camera glasses.

So how do Spy Camera Glasses Work?

The most common question that people have is, “How do spy camera glasses work?” in short answer is that it depends! There are so many styles and kinds of spy cam glasses to choose from that you really need to look at each individual one.

Modern day Spy Camera Glasses are now a marvel of technology, they come equipped with built in camcorders that will record directly onto an SD card. You can then down load this to your computer when you arrive home. Some Spy glasses are even able to record in real time, the same as a web cam, which will allow you to relay what you are seeing to other people.  Finally, most spy glasses are able to take photos without anyone else knowing.

Above all, these spy glasses are designed to look and feel like the real thing.  If the don’t you will probably get found out. So do your research first.

Why Would You Buy Hidden Camera Glasses?

Spy Camera Glasses along with other hidden cameras can be used for a variety of reasons. However, Spy Camera Glasses in particular are normally used for the following reasons.

  1. Protection.    If you are out and about walking or jogging it is a little known fact that you are able to use the spy glasses to see behind you as well (providing they are a sunglasses version) as well as record any assaults or dangerous situations that come your way.
  2. Source Free Filming.  If you are not wanting to reveal yourself as the creator of the video, as you wish to remain anonymous, then spy camera glasses are the perfect tool to use.
  3. Following people.  If you want a record of were someone has been when you are following them, use a pair of spy glasses. No one will suspect what you are doing
  4. Filming Events. A large proportion of people don’t use Spy Camera Glasses to do any spying at all, in fact, they use them to record sport events, their kids concerts, or even music gigs to name but a few.
  5. Use them as a normal hidden camera.  There is nothing more natural looking than a pair of classes left on a table or shelf. However, with long recording times, and HD quality video,  these spy glasses can be used to catch our cheating partners or dishonest employees without them suspecting.

How Can You Choose the Best Spy Camera Glasses?

When you are looking to buy your spy camera glasses the most important thing to take into account is the picture quality and video resolution, it is a pointless exercise buying a stylish and expensive pair of glasses if it delivers grainy and poor quality pictures and videos.  For the best quality look out for a product that has at least 1080p quality.

It is also important to take into account the following factors.

  1. How long you are able to record for ?
  2. The size of the memory card – This will determine the video length you can store
  3. How you take photographs and stop and start recording
  4. How the files are transferred. Is it an easy operation where you simply download them from the SD card?
  5. Are the spy Camera Glasses capable of night recording?  As well as low light.

Is Using Wearable Spy Camera Legal?

In the United States, it’s not illegal to use a wearable spy camera to capture video especially in a public place. However, there are federal laws that inhibit regular civilians from recording audio without the other person’s consent. This is why manufacturers of spy cameras do not include audio recording facilities into their products. Check the laws in your own country; they vary widely!

Furthermore, you cannot utilize spy cams if you have malicious intent, such as planning to use it for  blackmail.

You also have to be aware too that it’s illegal to capture videos secretly inside private places such as someone else’s house without the owner’s permission. You cannot also use a hidden camera inside bathrooms as this is a violation of human rights.

Moreover, you must be aware that it’s also not allowed to take these secret videos in private places within Federal properties.

What are the best Spy Camera Glasses to Buy?

Rear view spy camera glasses.

If you are looking for a pair of glasses that enables you to see from behind. then check out these 2 designs.  Fundamentally they do the same. the only difference is the style, and with both of them under $10 you can feel safe from anyone sneaking up on you from behind when you are out and about

Spy Camera Glasses

As we have said above. The best spy camera glassed are the ones that are discrete, have great picture and video quality and are easy to use. Here are our 3 top buys that satisfy all of the key criteria

WISEUP Wearable Hidden Camera Glasses

  • 16 GB Memory Card
  • Real time video recording 
  • Full HD 1920 X 1080 Camera

Pannovo Spy Camera Sunglasses

  • 16 GB Memory Card
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Camera
  • 70 Minutes continuous recording
  • Camera operated by one touch action 
  • Polarised Sunglasses – Just like the real thing

We hope you enjoyed our Spy Camera Glasses Guide.  If you loved our post then please share it with your friends or comment below