Has your cell phone is been hacked?

How to tell if your phone has been hacked

How To Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked

How to tell if your phone has been hacked

Has Your Cell Phone Being Tracked, Tapped or Monitored

cell phone hacked

Check out this awesome infographic created by Topspying.com , this highlights how to tell if someone is spying on your cell phone using spy equipment, or a tracking or monitoring device.

Fundamentally, spying on someones phone is easier than you think, and it is therefore unsurprising that over 135,000 devices are hacked every year, or more worryingly 369 per day, could one of these cell phones be yours? Did you also know that you are more likely to have your phone hacked in the US than any other country in the world?

The key points that will tell you that your phone has been hacked by spy equipment or a monitoring device are listed below, So take note

  1. Unusual Sounds whilst speaking on the phone 
  2. Receiving unusual text messages 
  3. Your phone overheats whilst in Idle mode
  4. Your Phone Takes A long time to Power Down 
  5. You have a sizeable increase in data usage
  6. Your Phone shows activity when it isn’t actually being used 
  7. Your battery life plummets.

If you are experiencing on or more of these, then start to think about the security of your cell phone!  is someone secretly spying on you?

So in essence, the safest way to ensure that your phone is not subject to spying or monitoring, is to keep it safe and ensure that you look out for the signs shown above. it is also vitally important that you protect your phone using antivurus software and ensuring that your password is secure.

Check out the full post from TopSpying here



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