Drug Testing & DNA Tests

We all want to be sure that the people around us are telling the truth. Find out for sure here. 

Home Instant Drug Test Kit

Do you suspect that your friend or family member is up to no good? Are they being dishonest? Are they cheating on you? Or are they using drugs but denying it? Well this is where these testing kits could help you. Here you will find the best infidelity tests and the best drugs tests to put your mind at ease.  All of the products that we stock can be taken from home and will normally give a result within 5 minutes. Marijuana, cocaine. Amphetamine these tests have you covered.

We also provide the best sperm detection tests on the internet. So if you believe that your wife or partner has been cheating on you, then use one of our products to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that they were telling the truth.  We promise you will feel better when you find out for sure. Now whilst we try to ensure that all of our stock is as accurate as possible, it is advised that after these tests are carried out that you follow then up with a visit from your local healthcare professional to confirm them.

Please keep visiting back to this page as we intent to add more testing kits  as availability and technology advances. But if you would like more information on the general happenings in the world of spying, please make sure that you visit our bog. It is packed with the latest news and product reviews to keep you informed and up to date.

More Spying Equipment

If we have wetted your appetite for spying on the people around you then check out some of our products below. We have made this a random selection to ensure that you see the wide range of spying equipment that we offer across a wide range of categories. Be sure to pay these a visit before you leave us and ensure that you have everything that you need for your next intelligence gathering exercise.