How To Choose The Right Spy Camera Glasses

Choosing The Right Pair of spy glasses

How To Choose The Right Spy Camera Glasses

Spy camera glasses

Have you ever wondered if spy camera glasses really work? and even more so if they can really help in your investigation? These days a good pair of spy glasses can be purchased for under $60 . But, it’s also really important to learn about the different features that each model has, so you can decide which one matches your needs.

As you have probably noticed, there are loads to choose from out there, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you choose the best spy camera glasses for you.

Keep on reading for all the details and our Star Buy recommended spy camera glasses.

So how do Spy Camera Glasses Work?

The most common question that people have is, “Do these products really work?” in short answer is that it depends! There are so many styles and kinds of spy cam glasses to choose from that you really need to look at each individual one.

Modern day Spy Camera Glasses are now a marvel of technology, they come equipped with built in camcorders that will record directly onto an SD card. You can then down load this to your computer when you arrive home. Some Spy glasses are even able to record in real time, the same as a web cam, which will allow you to relay what you are seeing to other people.  Finally, most spy glasses are able to take photos without anyone else knowing.

Above all, these spy glasses are designed to look and feel like the real thing.  If the don’t you will probably get found out. So do your research first.

Why Would You Buy Hidden Camera Glasses?

Spy Camera Glasses along with other hidden cameras can be used for a variety of reasons. However, Spy Camera Glasses in particular are normally used for the following reasons.

  1. Protection.    If you are out and about walking or jogging it is a little known fact that you are able to use the spy glasses to see behind you as well (providing they are a sunglasses version) as well as record any assaults or dangerous situations that come your way.
  2. Source Free Filming.  If you are not wanting to reveal yourself as the creator of the video, as you wish to remain anonymous, then spy camera glasses are the perfect tool to use.
  3. Following people.  If you want a record of were someone has been when you are following them, use a pair of spy glasses. No one will suspect what you are doing
  4. Filming Events. A large proportion of people don’t use Spy Camera Glasses to do any spying at all, in fact, they use them to record sport events, their kids concerts, or even music gigs to name but a few.
  5. Use them as a normal hidden camera.  There is nothing more natural looking than a pair of classes left on a table or shelf. However, with long recording times, and HD quality video,  these spy glasses can be used to catch our cheating partners or dishonest employees without them suspecting.

How Can You Choose the Right Product For You?

When you are looking to buy your detective spectacles the most important thing to take into account is the picture quality and video resolution, it is a pointless exercise buying a stylish and expensive pair of glasses if it delivers grainy and poor quality pictures and videos.  For the best quality look out for a product that has at least 1080p quality.

It is also important to take into account the following factors.

  1. How long you are able to record for ?
  2. The size of the memory card – This will determine the video length you can store
  3. How you take photographs and stop and start recording
  4. How the files are transferred. Is it an easy operation where you simply download them from the SD card?
  5. Are the spy Camera Glasses capable of night recording?  As well as low light.

Is Using Wearable Spy Camera Legal?

In the United States, it’s not illegal to use a wearable spy camera to capture video especially in a public place. However, there are federal laws that inhibit regular civilians from recording audio without the other person’s consent. This is why manufacturers of spy cameras do not include audio recording facilities into their products. Check the laws in your own country; they vary widely!

Furthermore, you cannot utilize spy cams if you have malicious intent, such as planning to use it for  blackmail.

You also have to be aware too that it’s illegal to capture videos secretly inside private places such as someone else’s house without the owner’s permission. You cannot also use a hidden camera inside bathrooms as this is a violation of human rights.

Moreover, you must be aware that it’s also not allowed to take these secret videos in private places within Federal properties.

What are the best Specs To Buy?

Rear view spy camera glasses.

If you are looking for a pair of glasses that enables you to see from behind. then check out these 2 designs.  Fundamentally they do the same. the only difference is the style, and with both of them under $10 you can feel safe from anyone sneaking up on you from behind when you are out and about

Spy Camera Glasses

As we have said above. The best spy camera glasses are the ones that are discrete, have great picture and video quality and are easy to use. Here is our top buy that satisfy all of the key criteria

Spy glasses

  • 1080p Camera and Video Recorder
  • Time stamp
  • 1.5 HR recording time 

Check out the latest price here 


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