How to Tell if Your Partner Is Spying on Your Phone

professional spy equipment

How to Tell if Your Partner Is Spying on Your Phone

professional spy equipment

Even if you’ve never given your partner a reason not to trust you, it’s possible they could be keeping an eye on you now at all times. They could be utilising professional spy equipment and advancements in technology to do it. It’s not uncommon and in this age, it’s downright easy. However, the best way for a partner to learn more about your day to day life is to take a look right into your cell phone.

Your phone is full of both private and innocuous information about you. As you use it for so many different tasks, it paints a pretty good picture of your life. You could even be currently seeing this on your phone now. Tracking your phone’s activity will give anyone information on the things you’ve bought, the people you’ve kept in contact with, the photos you’ve saved, the notes you’ve made, and more. Whether you have something to hide or not, you’ll want to know who has access to this part of your life. If your partner has been spying on your phone activity, that will likely feel like a massive invasion of privacy. So how can you be sure?

Is it Easy To Spy On You?

Luckily for a curious or downright paranoid partner, it’s not that hard to spy on someone’s phone. They could utilise a form of stalkerware, a software tool that can be installed on a device to track movements. It’s designed to be obscure and not easily detected by the device owner. Though crackdowns have made installing this sort of software on an iPhone device more difficult (Android users beware), there are still plenty of spy apps available and handy for your partner to use. These apps will track all kinds of activity and alert them of things like what incoming and outgoing calls are being made. Also what text messages are coming in, and where a phone’s location is at all times.

If you do have an iPhone, they could use a program that is designed to intercept the information backing up on your iCloud – which turns out to be a lot. Anyone using this software can easily see all of your text messages, photos, and more.

Even if your partner is spying on your accounts the old fashioned way, by getting your phone alone to search through, they still might be using modern spyware. The software referred to as Keystroke Logging allows someone to track any keystrokes you’re making on your device. It is a super nifty way to get a password and log in information. That could give someone access to all sorts of things like emails, bank accounts, and social media direct messages to rummage through at their own convenience.

Spotting Spyware

So it’s safe to say where there is a will there is definitely a way. If your partner is determined to spy on your phone, they have plenty of options to execute depending on what information they’re looking for and what kind of device you have. However, if they are spying on you right now, how can you know and what can you do to regain your privacy?

If you feel like your phone is acting peculiar, it might just be small signs that spyware is installed. If your habits haven’t changed but your phone’s battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to or you’re experiencing unusually high data usage lately, both of these might be caused by spyware running in the background at all times. Be wary of your phone screen lighting up when there’s no activity or any unexpected reboots too. If it is acting strange, there are ways to confirm if spyware is the source.

If you’re an iPhone user you can confirm if your phone has been “jailbroken” – a process of avoiding Apple’s security measures. Since only a jailbroken iPhone will accept a spyware program, if your phone isn’t then you know it’s clean. You can ask most tech companies to determine if your phone is jailbroken or work with Apple themselves. Reverse the jailbreak easily and rid your phone of any spyware that did exist.

If you’re an android user a good first step is to check all of your downloads or show your system apps under settings and identify each app you have installed and every file you have downloaded to make sure you recognise them.


Remember that even if you were wrong, there is no harm in being cautious to make sure your privacy is being preserved. So don’t waste time wondering if you’re paranoid – just check for spyware right away.



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