Is It Ok To Spy On Your Spouse?

Spy on your spouse

Is It Ok To Spy On Your Spouse?

Spy on your spouse

Marriage can be the most fulfilling moment in your life. You meet the person of your dreams and you stay with them until your last breath. It is a union of trust and there are no secrets kept between them.  So that’s the fairy tale version that you read in books. In real life, marriage can very quickly turn from joy and bliss into fear, worry and suspicion. As children come along, careers start to build and people start to grow apart, one person may decide to stray from the nest or be untruthful. Or so you may think. So is it ok to spy on your spouse? Well in may give you the answers you’re looking for. If your partner is cheating you may want the proof. you will also need to show beyond reasonable doubt that they are lying. 


Why You should spy on your partner


The obvious reason is listed above. Infidelity accounts for the biggest reason that people spy on their partners. In fact a recent study showed that around 60% of men are likely to cheat, while 45 % of women are likely to stray. 

It’s isn’t just naughty spouses that would cause you to spy. Do you suspect that your partner is drinking or using drugs?  These days some of the best home drug testing kits can be purchased online from places like Amazon. This will give definitive proof when you confront them.

It may well be that you thing your partner has lost their job and they are pretending to go to work. Using secret spy cameras or tracking devices can prove for certain that your suspicions are correct.

But sometimes, something just doesn’t feel right and your paranoia tells you that you need to check something out, some people are insecure and this may give you there reassurance that you need that you married a good person.


How to spy on your loved ones


These days there are loads of modern day spy gadgets that will help someone spy on their loved ones. All of them are distinctly different, but they all have the ability to prove beyond reasonable doubt that your darkest thoughts were true.

  1. Home drug Testing Kits. As mentioned above. Home Drug Testing Kits are the perfect way to check if your nearest and dearest are using illegal substances. Whilst this isn’t strictly spying, you can confront your partner at any opportunity and ask them to provide a urine sample. You will then see beyond any reasonable doubt if they have something to hide.
  • Listening devices.  These gadgets are no longer the kids toys you would see in stores. Sophisticated technology now allows recorders to be placed into any everyday objects. These recorders will activate as soon as it detects any movement.  If you use this equipment it means that you can leave a pen, an alarm clock, or even a car key fob recorder anywhere where you suspect foul play is taking place.
  • Hidden cameras.  Designed to be worn on your body, or once again inside a household objects, hidden spy cameras allow you to get crystal clear images and videos of any situation you want. They are being increasingly used to spy on a Nanny or baby sitter as well as your cheating spouse.
  • Spy Apps. Technology available for you to spy on your partner from afar. You can do this by monitoring what they are doing on their cell phone. If you suspect they are sending inappropriate text messages, or flirting with someone on Facebook. You can simply install the hidden app when they are not looking and store everything as evidence on your own phone ready for the time you confront them.




Whilst the thought of having to spy on your spouse may be a scary and daunting thought, you’ll be surprised how many people are actually doing it. Not only does it give you the reassurance that you’re not going mad, it can be used to confront someone to get a full confession. This may then lead to a better outcome and no more lies. However, it does come with it’s pitfalls. Spying on someone could cause a serious breach of trust if they find out and you were wrong. Careful consideration should always be taken before taking the leap.



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