Wireless Hidden Camera Clock 1080p


Hidden Camera Clock XDMYWH

This is a high quality recording wifi enabled Clock with a secret invisible Camera, a purpose filling device for your home security. Perfect for use as a Nanny Camera,  office secret camera. or a personal security camera


Wireless Hidden Camera Clock 1080p

Hidden camera clock

Hidden Camera Clock XDMYWH is a high quality recording wifi enabled Clock with invisible Camera, a discreet  device for your home security. It can fit any place in your home. Set it on a wall and no on e will ever no the difference. With this hidden camera clock you can stay connected via your phone from virtually anywhere in the world.  Use this device as a nanny camera, spyong on your colleagues at work, or keeping your kids or family members in check.

Features for this wireless hidden camera clock

1. It is a Wi-Fi hidden camera wall clock, which provides you remote and live monitoring.
2. Camera’ s angle can be adjusted.
3. Motion detection and alarm notification
4. Rechargeable battery can work for 5 hours after fully charged.
5. Loop recording, you will not miss any moment
Lens:CMOS lens
Video resolution:HD 1280 x 720 with 30fps
Video format:AVI (Recommended players: storm player, KMPlayer, Mplayer and others which support multi format video)
Storage:SD memory card (up to 32GB)
PIR: sensorArea of 3–8m and 70° sector
Battery for video recording:Built-in rechargable 1000mAH Lithium Polymer battery
Standby time: ~25 days (~600 hours)
Charging time:~5 hours at least
Recording time~5 hours continuous recording (when fully charged)
Circle recording When memory card is full with data, it starts overwriting the earliest recorded video(s). If you want to keep some videos, you have to change the video’ s name, then it is not overwritten
Charging voltageDC–5V or 1A power adaptor* (*not included)
Separate AA batterie*for clock operation (* not included in delivery)
Supported systemsWindows ME/Vista/XP/2003/2000/98, Mac OS, Linux
Protection hintsIt is an electronic product. Avoid heavy hit and vibration and do NOT use it in high voltage fields.
Dimensions / WeightØ 22cm, thickness 4cm / 500g

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