Hidden Spy Camera Lamp

Hidden Spy Camera Lamp

  • Table Lamp Camera
  • Hidden Camera & HD 1080P recording
  • WiFi Connect & Live Video
  • Motion Detection & Night Vision.



Hidden Spy Camera Lamp

Spy Camera Lamp

It is not only a hidden spy camera but also a table lamp with many colorful lights; with the smooth glass cover, people will never discover that it’s a camera. You can control this hidden camera with a dedicated app, which is compatible with both Android and IOS. With this app you can monitor what’s happening in your home while you are away. You can also adjust the color and brightness, and even the definite time to turn on/off the night light by the countdown on the smart app. You can also manage the recordings with your Smartphone. It records with 1080p HD quality so you can see exactly what’s going on through video, night vision is also not an  issue with this amazing spy gadget.

The built-in infrared lights let the camera see clearly in total darkness. To use for a long time, you have to keep it charging while recording. It comes with a loop recording feature and supports up to 128 GB of storage at max, it will overwrite the older files when space is full. This spy cam also comes with a motion detection feature and gives you information about the slightest of movements at your home or office. Because of so many features, this lamp spy cam is becoming more and more attractive to people wishing to spy and protect their home.


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