JLRKENG WiFi Hidden Camera Clock

A Wifi Enabled Spy Camera clock is a product with amazing features of a Spy Cam disguised as a nicely designed Alarm clock. The Camera offer great Night Vision Videos, Motion detection and most importantly the Ultra Wide Lens to record a better view for more security.


The JLRKENG WiFi Hidden Camera Clock

Jlrkeng wifi hidden camera

This  camera records videos at HD1080P with Ultra-Wide Angle and have a Rechargeable Battery. The camera has a great Night Vision, Motion Detection Loop Recording and a nice Clock Alarm.

Loop Recording with Wide Angle: The spy camera has a ultra-wide angle lens, 140°, which provides you a very bright vision and makes the uninvited guest nowhere to hide. The storage can up to 64G, and if you put the card into the slot, then turn it on, it will record automatically.

A Perfect Clock and Spy Cam: The product is a Wi-Fi camera and desk clock, simple looking and discreet, which can be used as a nanny, house security cam and will not attract any attention. You can have a remote and real-time monitoring when you want to check whether everything is OK.
Night Vision: Even in the darkness you can see clearly what’s going on through the mobile phone. And you can connect four spy cameras in one mobile phone so that you may put them in different places, and then check them at the same time.
Motion Detection: When the camera detects movements, the alert notification will send to your APP on your phone. So there is no need to check them on the email. It is quite convenient.


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