KEQI HD Motion Detection Hidden Camera Watch

KEQI Hidden Camera Watch

This hidden camera watch looks just like a normal gadget; it’s discreet and impossible for anyone to think of it being a secret camera; it can be used as nanny and security camera



KEQI Hidden Camera Watch

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Did you miss to record something moving because your camera was on standby? Well, this hidden camera watch has got you covered with the motion detection capability. It starts recording automatically whenever it senses any sort of motion, making it one of the best in this category.

It also supports continuous recording provided you have enough power and storage space. However, that should not be a problem because it has 32GB built-in memory (About 10 hours of high quality recordings). It does not feature loop recording, meaning the process stops when the storage is full. This spy camera watch has three different video resolutions you can choose from depending on your needs.

The 380mAh battery capacity ensures that you can continue filming for up to 60 minutes. That is enough time to pick all the evidence you need for your case. Wondering how you will transfer your files? There is a USB cable in the box specifically meant for that and it is compatible with Windows OS and Mac.


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