Spy Camera Clock with Strong Night Vision | WiFi Nanny Cam Secret for Home Security


Sleek design digital alarm clock is not just an ordinary clock but a Spy Camera Clock, with one of the best HD Video recording. This spy camera is perfect for home, children and office security. Feature like Night Vision, wifi and remote access through app on phone makes it more stable product.



Spy Camera Clock with Strong Night Vision is one of the best products in the Spy Camera Clock. The length is about 4-5 inches, making it very portable for travel.T he camera is slightly “fish lens”/wide angle, which is good that basically it can capture the whole room activity when it is placed correctly.Also like it the option of powered by battery(included),the battery using about 4-5 hours with full charged, making it either can be placed anywhere or connect a cable to make it 24/7 on.

Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Clock : The material of mini wireless clock camera adopts good zinc alloy, with better heating diffusion and endurance to ensure the long life. It has a 6-glasses lens, which the image is more clear than other spy device. Only insert Micro SD Card into Clock Security Camera, turn it on and will auto record HD videos.
Live Stream Videos in HD 1080P: Connect spy clock with local network, Remotely view live videos via Phone app, support Android, iPhone system; No one can access to your camera unless you invite someone join via your app setting, which protect your privacy.
Safe and User-Friendly APP : It’s free to download and use app; Easy to connect spy clock to network; Display local outdoor temperature and humidity on app; Motion detection alert and record; Playback, delete and download video files from Micro SD Card; Update firmware online; Question and Answer online; Administrator only invite others user
Stronger Night Vision: The secret security camera has 6 piece invisible infrared lights, you can also clearly monitor your home, office at dark. The hidden security camera has a highly sensitive photoresistor, the night vision will be turned on automatically when the light becomes dark. It’s different from other hidden cameras with night vision which you have to turn it on manually.
One Year Warranty : Please contact us at email if you have any question with this wireless camera. We supply free replacement in one year.
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