UMANOR HD Spy Camera Clock

This camera is very nicely designed with a modern look and no one will ever think anyone would think it was a hidden camera. It is easy to set up and has a variety of features that are useful, especially the motion detecting (to not waste video) and the time stamping.


UMANOR HD Spy Camera clock

Spy Camera Clock

This in out opinion is the best available product in its price range. It is easy to setup the device and you can see the live streaming on your phone. It offers features like Motion Triggered Recording, HD Video Recording and also a good alarm clock to wake you up.
Below are few of the feature of this dynamic Spy Camera Clock.

Hidden camera features video, taking photos, motion detection, web cam and also a real alarm clock to show the time. All functions are controlled by a tiny remote controller. It is not a Wi-Fi product
HD 1080P Loop Video Recorder. Stunning videos are clear enough for you to see the faces or scene in it; Support 32GB micro sd card in max( not included)
Motion-Triggered Recording. Hidden camera starts to record video when it detected movement, a timely truth teller to save you battery capacity and sd card space at most degree
Long Recording Time. Spy camera supports 8 hours recording after fully charge. It is also a real alarm clock with time display, alarm, and date
Time Stamps on. Videos and images this hidden cam captured are stamped with current time. Tell you what and when it is happened.


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