Spy Glasses

Spy on people in Full HD while on the go without anyone noticing. The also make the perfect disguise

Spy Camera Glasses With Video

Spy glasses are designed to be worn to capture footage in 1080p super high definition. All of the specs that we sell are lightweight. Easy to use and can be worn by any sex. The best thing about these products is that they can be used completely hands free and are virtually undetectable.  If you’re a spectacles wearer then it simply looks like you have upgraded. If not they make the perfect disguise to prevent getting caught.

These gadgets are perfect for people such as private investigators, mystery shoppers and people who need to carry out surveillance and not get caught.  You’re also able to leave these specs in a convenient location to catch people in the act without them suspecting, such as employees, kids and of course baby sitters.

Each pair of spy glasses contain clear glass so they will not impact on your sight, but if needed your are able to add it prescription lenses if and when needed. and are compatible with most PC’s and Laptops when downloading content.

My like the spy pens and spy watches these products appear to be right out of a James Bond movie. However, when you get to use them you will find that they are incredibly easy to use, practical and won’t break the back. In fact you would be surprised to know how many people are using them as you walk down your street, or drive down a road.

More Spying Gadgets

If the spy glasses listed above don’t match your needs then we have hundreds of pieces of spying gadgets to fulfil your requirements. As well as the latest and best products we also have a huge range of product reviews and news from the spy equipment world. Pop along to our spy blog to see our latest posts.