Should I Use Home Drug Testing Kits ?

Home Drug Testing Kit

Should I use Home Drug Testing Kits?

Home Drug Testing Kit

A home drug testing kit is can be purchased from a range of websites on the internet. They are typically used to by parents and guardians to check in on kids or family members. So People that you suspect may be using drugs or illegal substances.  It may well be that you have noticed a change in your child’s attitude or behaviour and you think that drugs are to blame. The advantage of these tests are that they are relatively accurate, and you will be able to confirm for sure that your suspicions were right.

There are two main reasons why parents or employers may consider using home drug testing kits. They are as an Investigative tool or as a preventative measure. Lets look at each one in detail

Using Drug Testing Kits as an Investigative Tool

You will normally use this method if you think that a friend or family member is using drugs and refusing to come clean. You should always be careful when adopting this style as it can lead to that person thinking you don’t trust them.  The advantage of this tool is that you can do it in secret. Providing you’re able to take the right level of sample to produce a result, the person will never know that they are under investigation.

Using Drug testing Kits as a Preventative Measure.

This step is based on the premise that Kids and family members may be likely to use drugs. Therefore. you’re going to test just in case. The theory goes that the more people think they are going to be tested the less likely they are to use drugs.  However, recent studies have shown that kids who had a random drug testing program at school were still going to use drugs. So the program had little or no preventative measures.

Drug Testing And the Effect on Families

Taking drugs can have a devastating effect on the individual. Both from a physical and mental heath capacity. However, little is stated about how the parent-child relationship is damaged when you enter into a world of investigative or preventative drug testing.  These methods could be seen as a violation of someone’s rights. and it could lead to further attitude or behavioural problems. Therefore, careful consideration should be taken as to whether you enter into this style of parenting.


Modern day home drug testing kits can test for a wide range of substances , including Marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines. There are as close to 99% accurate as you can get and will tell you for sure if your friends or family members are using. They can give you the reassurance that you need to confront someone, and can allow you to explore the treatment options that are available.  

As we have explained above, careful consideration should be made before entering into this form of parenting. The consequences and future actions could be long lasting.  Testing is not the stand alone response to the problem, but may give you the answers that you crave.



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