Spotting a Cheating Spouse – Our Guide

Spotting A Cheating Spouse

Spotting a Cheating Spouse – Our Guide

Spotting A Cheating Spouse

With our main focus being on spying and spy equipment, it shouldn’t be any surprise to you that we know something about cheating spouses. There are lots of conflicting views on this subject, and the more people you ask, the more diverse the answers become.  Living someone who you suspect is a cheat can be a difficult thing to do.  Most of the time you feel trapped inside a situation, not having a clue what is the best thing to do.

Often those giving advise will look at things from an outsiders point of view. Some will advise you that if you suspect your spouse is cheating you should leave them straight away.  For those people who have been in this situation you can appreciate that it’s not as simple as that. There are other people who have the view that you need to face things head on and confront the person.  History says that this tends to drive the person deeper underground. Very rarely will someone actually confess their sins in a sudden outpouring of honesty.

What Can You Do If You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating?

The first thing that you ned to take into consideration is, am I doing the right thing?  This is particularly important if you have been together a long time. Most people see the end result as being closure to all of the turmoil and worry. It also allows for people to move on.   If you do decide to take matters into your own hands then this would have normally been picked up by a private investigator. However, Modern day technology means that you an become a spy yourself and get all of the information you need for a fraction of the cost.  This technology is now so advanced that a decent spy camera or recording device can be picked up for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a PI. Spy gadgets are designed not to be seen, so unless you’re really unlucky you can leave a hidden camera somewhere to capture the action without them ever knowing.

How To Tell if Your Living With A Cheating Spouse?

Some of these might be a little obvious, but how often have you sat back and deliberately watched the actions of someone? If you suspect you’re living with a cheat, ask yourself if they are doing any of these things?

  1. Their phone is always on silent.  It may also be that they are taking the phone to a different part of the house or garden to speak to someone. They may also sleep with the phone hidden under the pillow so you can’t sneak a quick look. 
  2. Have they started using a screen lock? Or are they constantly deleting their phone history? They may also bee using a different app for messaging people. All of these are worth considering when looking for a cheating spouse.
  3. They are working loads of extra shifts at work, but not getting paid any extra wages.
  4. Haircuts, new suits and clothes. Have they suddenly started to look after their appearance more?
  5. Are they less physical with you? Have they suddenly become more experimental in the bedroom?
  6. Partner night outs. Are they getting you to go out more? Are you being driven to and from somewhere so they know you’re out of the house?
  7. They stay up until the early hours of the night on the internet.
  8. When they come back home they smell of aftershave or perfume different to their own
  9. Your partner suddenly has a new circle of friends. However, they are vague as to how they met.
  10. When the postman comes they hide the mail. This could be credit card statements or incriminating evidence.


Deciding to take time spotting a cheating spouse may be a traumatic experience. Careful consideration should be taken as to the next steps if you find out your suspicions are true. But rest assured the Spy A Lot has the best spy equipment and spy gadgets to get the job done.



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