Spy Pens

Get the evidence you need from your workplace without fear of getting caught

Mini Pen Spy Camera

You never know when a hidden camera spy pen may come to your rescue.  These products are designed to feel and look like a conventional executive pen. But only you will be aware of the sophisticated spy equipment that lies inside.  Each Pen that we have in our vaults captures either crystal clear photographs, super sharp HD video, or both.  All can be connected to a PC or laptop to download your evidence and some even contain a motion detector to activate the camera when someone enters or leaves a room.  So if you have an employer that treats you horribly, or they are trying to constructively dismiss you, then use this pen to capture all of the evidence you need.  Alternatively, on the flipside, if you’re an employer that thinks their staff are up to know good, whether that is putting their fingers in the till or fabricating the accounts, use this gadget to film the entire thing.  

But it’s not just in the workplace where this piece of kit can be used. If you feel a family member is being dishonest with you then leave our products in a place  where you can see exactly what is going in, this of course includes, Nanny’s and babysitters who will have no idea that they are being spied on and caught in the act.

As well as the products that are listed below, we have a whole range of spying equipment in our spy shop to deal with any type of investigative work that you wish to carry out. Such as Spy Watches, hidden camera alarm clocks and much more, so before you leave after buying from us, stop by to see how else we can help you.

More Spy Gear

As well as Spy Pens we also stock a huge range of other equipment and gadgets to help you capture the documents you need. So when you’re done on this page us the random products below to inspire you into what else you can use to investigate and analyse the friends, family or co- workers  who you’re suspicious of.