Spy Watches

Perfect for capturing key events and happenings on the move 

Spy watch

Check out our range of spy watches to help you with your covert and discreet activities.  These cool gadgets are multi-functional in that they look, operate and feel like normal timepieces, but have a cool and dark secret. They all have hidden cameras and voice recorders to capture those events that can prove your suspicions were correct. If you have a nanny or baby sitter that you think may not be performing their duties properly, or you think that your partner may be cheating on you and you need to catch them in action, then look no further.  These Spy gadgets can also act as impromptu dash cameras, or cameras that can take emergency photographs on the go.  We also find that customers of our buy these spy watches to use in a work setting.  If you have a boss that is a bit of a bully and you want to prove to others what they are like then record them, or if you’re in a meeting where you want a complete record of what was said in case your brought to task then we have a product for you.

Don’t forget that as well as selling the best spying equipment on the internet, we also have a spy blog that brings you all of the latest news and developments from our industry, as well as reviews and opinions on the products that we sell. So, don’t forget to stop by and see what we have to say for ourselves.

More Spy Equipment For You to Ponder Over

If the spy watches in this category don’t quite do the job, then check out some random products to give you some further inspiration. Don’t forget, that we are the one stop shop for all things spying and surveillance so we can pretty much guarantee that we have what you’re looking for.  Whether it’s hidden cameras, tracking devices, listening devices and dash cams, we only sell the very best.