The Best 11 Spy Apps 2020

The best spy apps 2020

The Best 11 Spy Apps 2020

The best spy apps

In a world of the internet and the deep dark web, finding yourself some good spy apps is essential for keeping tabs on people and ensuring your own security as well. This may seem like a simple task, however, with advertising campaigns making this selection even more complex, what you need is complete unbiased guide to spy apps. That is exactly what the Spyalot blog is set up to do. This article will give you eleven of the best spying apps out there without the in-your-face advertising. So read below and immerse yourself in the best software to boost your spying game.

1. Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker App

This is an app that every spy should have in their arsenal and is something that is essential. Knowing where someone is without being physically near them is important for surveillance and other such monitoring. An old fashioned spy would use a set of binoculars and maybe a telescope to watch their target, now you can track someone’s movements using mapping and GPS technology. The app will let you know the location of your phone and one other for free, however, if you have multiple targets then you can upgrade for a simple onetime payment of £0.99. For the app to work it must be open and running- this should not be an issue for a spy. Added benefits are that the app can track someone’s movements in the previous 24 hours and narrow down someone’s exact location accurate to within 10 metres. A truly great addition for any level of spy.

2. SpyVid

For you to become a complete spy, you will need to catch people in the act. Not only is this irrefutable proof that your target is doing what you accuse them of, but it will develop your investigation to finding what they are really up to. In order to video someone you may often have to do it covertly, otherwise, you may blow your cover and create a sticky situation. Luckily for you, SpyVid has engineered an app that will let you video in secret- no sounds, no flash. Nothing that can blow your cover. The app will let your record videos of up to an hour long- perfect for those longer stake out operations. You also do not need to jailbreak your phone to allow this app to work. If stealth is important to you, get this app.

3. SpyBubble

Spy Bubble App

We at Spyalot understand that keeping tabs on someone’s smartphone usage is difficult and yet an essential part of a complete spying strategy. There are apps out there that offer this kind of service, however, they may not provide you with a complete service. SpyBubble is an app that will provide you with a complete surveillance service where you can track all internet enabled devices- that includes phones, tablets and computers. From then you can look at their browsing history, call history and other such sensitive information. But, unlike similar products, the installation process onto your targets device takes no longer than 10 minutes and is simple to do. Another essential for any level of spying.

4. Spyic


Often times an enemy spy or target may communicate with another spy or even the ring master themselves. To do this, of course, they will need to communicate with someone else via social media or via a text message- this involves you needing to be able to see these messages to complete your surveillance.  That is where Spyic comes in, Spyic is one of the best free spy apps on the market and will allow you to view both social media messages and text messages. Spyic will even let you trace people via GPS and is a true complete solution for all of your spying needs.

5. Cocospy

Coco Spy App

Cocospy is another complete spying solution that is an essential for all level of spying. What makes Cocospy different is its level of stealth- something that is paramount to us at Spyalot and you as a spy. When downloaded onto a targets device, it is almost untraceable and will let you see everything from their messages to their browsing history. However, unlike other similar spying apps, it does not sap the battery life of your targets device so there is no way of knowing what you are doing. On top of that it comes highly rated in the industry as one of the best spy apps around.

6. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another great option for those looking for a complete solution for free. Hoverwatch is one of the best spying apps for both Android and iPhone and supports a wide range of browsers like Google and Firefox. This gives you a great coverage over all search engines to make sure you know what is really going on. Another benefit that is rare to find on a free spy app is the ability to screenshot your targets screen without them knowing. This has a number of applications and will allow you to collect incriminating evidence that may be present on the device or create leads to add more people to your investigation.  

7. Flexispy

flexispy app

Flexispy is a spying software that has many features that other such software lack. When it comes to spying apps, it is standard now to be able to see messages and to be able to see their location via GPS, however, Flexispy has a number of features that we at Spyalot simply have not seen before from a spy app. It provides you with keylogging and camera access to give you a proper spy app and one that can adapt to the situation at hand and give you the best results when you need them.

8. TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone is another of those all in one apps. TrackMyFone has the capability to tack text messages, emails and many more- making it well deserved to be a one of the best spy apps. It comes with a simple dashboard so you can keep up with everything your target is doing from one central location. The apps user-friendliness extends far beyond its dashboard and the phone that you are using to monitor activity will not need to jailbreak your phone for it to work. TrackMyFone is a great option for those spies looking for the complete package.

9. MobiStealth

Mobistealth app

This is a great option for those spies who prefer to conduct their operations on IOS. MobiStealth brings all the features you would expect from a top quality spy app, such as location tracking and the ability to check text messages, and others that you may not expect such as keylogging- something that spies irrespective of their level of skill should all be trying now. MobiStealth really is an app that us at the top of its game and is definitely one of the best spy apps around- something that every spy should try and get their hands on.

10. iSpyoo


This app is another one that you should definitely give a go if you are serious about spying. This app will give you the full-monty in terms of a complete service and offers all of the standard features that a spy app will give you plus a little extra that you might not have been expecting. Features such as SMS and voice call monitoring all come as standard and are no surprise when looking at the best free spy apps, however, aspects such as being able to spy on a targets camera role is a rare thing in spying app development and a feature that must not be missed on iSpyoo’s software.

11. Spyzie

Spyzie App

Another serious option for the budding spy is of course Spyzie. This is an app that will run on IOS devices that have IOS 10.0 or higher downloaded and working as their operating system. Although this may limit you as you cannot perform surveillance on as many targets, the apps huge number of features more than make up for it. With this app you can keep tabs on calls made, texts sent and browsing history. However, it also offers the ability to take screenshots of a targets screen without them knowing – a valuable feature I am sure you will agree. The software also works quietly in the background not sapping battery and being completely unable to be detected by your target. What is not to love.

If you enjoyed this article then make sure to check out the rest of the content on Spyalot, we have some great guides to help with your spying and to help you develop as a spy. We also, have a shop that is filled with all kinds of premium spy equipment that you should check out for a great deal. Happy spying everyone.



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