The Best Dash Cameras For Spying

The Best Dash Cameras For Spying

Best Dash Cameras For Spying 2021

The Best Dash Cameras For Spying

 The dash cam is the abbreviation for the dashboard camera, and it is a camera that can be installed on board a car or another vehicle. Here we have come up with a difinitive guide on the best Dash Cameras for spying on your closest friends and your worst enemies.

What are dash cameras, and how do they work?

Dashboard cameras or dash cam are video cameras for cars mounted on the dashboard or rear view mirror that allow you to record everything that happens on the street and possibly use it as evidence in an accident. So when we talk about the dash cam, we talk about a car video camera or car camera.

The dash cam is intended to record everything that happens during your driving. The recording made by a dash cam is also used by the order and perhaps by your insurance in case of an accident.

How to choose a dash cam

Choosing a dash cam can prove to be a difficult task, we will show you  the features to pay close attention to before buying a dash cam:

  • Field of view: the field of view of a dash cam is fundamental, even more of the same quality. A good dash cam must have a wide field of view that allows you to see the whole road ahead of us, without having dark corners.
  • Image quality: a good dash cam must surely have excellent image quality, a smooth video without jerks, a fast focus, and that has good quality even in unfavorable conditions such as at night and during thunderstorms.
  • Power supply: always choose a dash cam with a double power supply opportunity, therefore both with batteries and a cable connected to the cigar lighter.
  • Display: even if it is not fundamental, the screen is a feature not to be underestimated because it allows us to understand the right positioning of the dash cam during installation, also it can be useful if we want to use the dash cam for fun and it facilitates all settings.

So if you’re looking to make a purchase , check out our guide below on the best Dash Cameras For Spying 

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

The new Garmin Dash Cam 66W replaces the previous Garmin 55. The new model expands the field of view from 122° to 180°, despite the same compact size and ease of use as the previous model. It now gives a broader view of the road in front of the car and front.  Another novelty is the recording in HDR (high dynamic range). This helps preserve detail when there are shots that are not brightly lit in the same frame. 

What more, thanks to the free Wi-Fi connection with your phone and the free Garmin Drive app, you can connect up to 4 cameras at the same time and sync your recorded videos to create a 360-degree view of your cars’ surroundings. If the surveillance camera is not connected to the car cigarette lighter socket, the battery life is only 30 minutes. However, if you forward the cable to an electrician to turn on the camera (or multiple cameras), it will remain plugged in while parking and if someone accidentally crashes into your car while parking or overtaking.


  • Ease of use
  • Record at 1080p
  • Economic


  • Few features

Aukey DR02D Dash Cam

Aukey Dash Cam

Aukey’s DR02D dual dash cam has two cameras that integrate two same 2.3 megapixels Sony Exmor IMX323 sensors.However, the field of view differs slightly between the two units. The front camera is 170 degrees wide, and the rear camera 152 degrees. Both control cameras are attached to the windshield and rear window using a 3M sticker (included in the package) and can be tilted to different positions. 

There is no integrated GPS. It also has other advanced features found on other more expensive dash cameras (speed cameras and speed limit warnings, lane detection, collision detection, and others.) and no Wi-Fi. Still, in the end, you can do so much more than that! A perfect Dash Camera For Spying on cheating spouses and loved ones. 


  • Easy to use
  • Very reasonable price
  • A record at 720p and 60 fps


  • No GPS
  • SD card not included

Vava Dual Dash Cam

viva DashCam

If you are looking for a new dash cam you may have very specific requirements. For example, you may want 2K quality video or a dash cam that you can easily access using your phone without having to take out the SD card, then Vava dual dash cam is your option. This is a rather impressive dash cam. In addition to support for 4K front camera and 1080p video in rear camera ( Front 2K 2560*1600@30fps and rear 1920*1080P@30fps, or only front camera: 2560*1600@30fps), the camera is equipped with a built-in G sensor for automatic recording. VAVA dash cam features support 256GB microSD card

A 145-degree wide angle lens captures everything in front of your car, while super night vision recording and WDR ensure clarity after dark. All this is possible thanks to the Sony IMX335 (for the front) and Sony IMX305 (for the rear) sensors. Basic gadget in our list of the best dash cameras for spying, but well worth the price. 


  • Remote recording
  • GPS tracking


  • Low quality

Thinkware F800 Pro

Thinkware Dashcam

If you need a dash camer for spying, which looks standard on your vehicle, the Thinkware F800 Pro is your choice. It is intended to be undetectable and invisible over the windshield and behind the rearview reflect. The Pro model can likewise be associated with the vehicle battery with an appropriate link, so it turns on when you turn on the ignition key and keeps recording. In contrast, the vehicle is parked and utilizes the 12V attachment for different purposes. It will remain free for you, like charging a phone. 

There’s likewise an improved night vision setting to upgrade recordings shot in low light conditions. There is a rapid camera warning, and there is additionally the choice to introduce a back view camera. It doesn’t have a touch screen as a downside. However, it has Wi-Fi to easily connect to a surveillance camera via your smartphone to view footage or change settings.


  • It appears to be factory installed
  • Enhanced night vision mode
  • High video quality


  • Doesn’t have a screen
  • It’s expensive

ApeMan Dash Cam

Apeman Dashcam

These are cameras designed for cars, mounted on the dashboard or on the rear-view mirror (by means of a suction cup or an adhesive usually) that record everything that happens outside the passenger compartment. Videos are recorded in HD, Full HD or 4K thus guaranteeing, more or less, a perfect sharpness of the image. 

The front camra is a1080p Full HD resolution standards (1920×1080 px), while the rear has a clearly lower quality (VGA 720 × 480 px). The shooting angle of the main dash cam is 170 ° wide angle and allows you to shoot both the road and off-road elements. At the hardware level, there is a new  Novatek NT96655 Chipset Aptina AR0330 chipset and a  lens capable of shooting in HD 30 fps with a SONY IMX323 motion sensor.


  • High quality front camera
  • SD card support (upto 64Gb)


  • No GPS
  • Rear camera, poor quality

Nextbase 522GW

Although it does not record videos in 4K, the Nextbase 522GW offers superior video quality. Both at 1440p (30 fps) and 1080p (60 fps) videos have crystal clear quality. By the way, it must be admitted that 4K videos also have a negative side: they take up much space. It is the first dash cam to integrate Alexa features in the US, and so offers voice control over everything from accident recording to music playback to driving directions. 

Its best function is perhaps the emergency SOS, which can detect a serious collision and alert the emergency services by communicating the exact location of your vehicle if you are unable to do so because you are injured or unconscious. This feature, potentially life-saving, it makes the 522GW difficult to beat.


  • Rich in functions
  • High video quality
  • Equipped with GPS, timelapse and parking mode


  • Expensive

Anker Roav C2

Anker Dash Cam

Anker, one of the most reliable brands in the field of power banks, also expands its offer to dash cams, and the Roav C2 has exceptional functions that are worth considering. Its best feature is the combination of the Sony Starv sensor and the Nighthawk technology, which offers “total night vision” and offers the possibility to record the license plates of other vehicles regardless of how much light there is.

The C2 is also built to withstand extreme climatic conditions, being able to operate from -20° C to 70° C, and this makes it suitable for both cold winters and hot summers. The integrated gravity sensor automatically records accidents where an impact occurs, even if you are not in the car. Moreover, you can easily transfer the footage to your phone using the Roav application; transfer rates, however, can be slow on Android phones, as can real-time GPS tracking. A great product and certainly right up there in the best dash cameras for spying category! 


  • Economic
  • High resolution and video detail


  • Slow GPS

Orskey Dash Cam

orskey dash cam

This dash cam is a valid option for those who don’t want to spend a lot. Despite the low price, you have a reasonably compact dash cam with a Full HD image sensor and night vision.This dash camera attaches to the windshield using a suction cup, which means there is no need to use adhesive magnets. The camera is equipped with a force sensor G to save the video before and after an accident automatically.

 Also, it integrates an HDMI port that makes it easy to view videos. The downsides are that video shooting is limited to 30 frames per second (many other dash cameras record at 60 fps) and that internal memory is missing. It is only compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB, a not quite generous capacity.


  • Acts as satellite navigator.
  • Large 6-inch screen.
  • Perfect for small cars


  • Not mine he best in msrket

Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Garmin Mini Dashcam

A new member of the Garmin Dash family, the Mini captures videos in full HD resolution of 1080p through a 140 ° lens with just 3.1 x 5.3 x 2.9 cm, almost the size of a car key. The Garmin Dash Cam Mini can be forgotten camera because it is once installed, designed to hide behind mirrors in a neat and unobtrusive way. 

When connected to a cigarette lighter socket or connected to a fuse box via a suitable cable, it lights up when the car is started and records video when it detects a collision.  If it is wired, it will continue to operate while it is parked and will record if anyone bumps into your car. Another amazing brand and another one of the great dash cameras for spying


  • It’s small
  • Record at 1080p in Full HD


  • It doesn’t have a screen
  • It has no batter

Vantrue X4

Vantrue Dash Cam

If you are looking for a dash cam capable of recording videos in 4K, the Vantrue X4 is a great choice because it can record in 4K at 30 fps, as well as in 1440p and 1080p up to 60 fps. This dash cam also features many other features, one of all an extraordinary night vision mode (thanks to the Sony IMX317 sensor), and the 24-hour parking mode to start recording when it detects movement around the vehicle. 

In addition, the 160 ° viewing angle manages to pick up to 4 lanes of the roadway, and this helps to reduce blind spots. However, the X4 is not compatible with all memory cards; specifically, the manufacturer recommends that you DO NOT use Sandisk and Transcend cards.


  • Ultra HD 4K Dash Cam
  • Supercapacitor and 24 hour parking mode
  • Good night vision and WDR technology


  • Selects SD card


Car cameras have been one of the many pieces that will lead to a real technological revolution that will unfold before our eyes in the coming years.

Who would have thought that the cameras became so small and cheap that they could be stuck in every vehicle? Not to mention the devices that save videos and images of the same, let’s not forget that only thirty years ago very bulky magnetic media were used to record the pictures, it would have been madness to think of keeping a television camera of the time onboard a car, only RAI could have covered the costs and technical difficulties of a similar madness.

Car cameras are an indispensable tool nowadays, and I hope this guide will help you choose the best one on the market that suits your needs.

If you loved this post on the best dash cameras for spying then check out some of the others on our spy gadgets and spy news blog. 



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