The Best Spy Equipment for 2020

The Best Spy Equipment 2020

The Best Spy Equipment for 2020

The Best Spy Equipment 2020

1. Blink XT2

Blink XT2

Every spy needs a good camera- one that you can see clearly what you are recording and one that is small enough so that your target has no idea that they are being watched. The Blink XT2 has dimensions of 71mmx71mmx34mm, making it one of the smallest, most compact spy camera on the market. Because it is so small, it only weighs 89g and means that the camera is very easy to conceal on your person and is very easy to hide in your home or at a targets home.

A common problem with spying cameras is that they have very short battery life- this means that are not suitable for longer term surveillance operations. Another problem is that the actual video footage is hard to get at and some cameras may even make you take out a memory card before you can see what the camera has observed. However, the Blink XT2has embraced modern technology and you can stream the footage picked up by your new camera straight to your phone thanks to an app- for those spies who have an Alexa device, the camera is also compatible with Alexa as well. It is powered by batteries so there is no need to charge the device, the batteries are two AA batteries that has the potential to last for a year.

Another feature of this camera is two-way audio connection. This means that you can hear what is being said within earshot of the camera and you can also talk and have your voice projected from the camera. This means that you can actually have a conversation with either a target or an ally, something that is rare to find in the modern market.

If you want to buy the camera or have a look at the specs or some customer reviews, then just click below

2. Spy Camera Glasses

Bear Grills Action glasses

Sometimes the situation may arise where you cannot take an actual, physical camera into an operation. Something far more discreet is needed so your target does not know you are filming them and so you can hide some of your distinguishing features. These camera glasses are the perfect solution to these problems as they will provide you with HD quality video and a pair of black glasses that will work with any disguise. The video quality is at 30fps and is 1920px 1080p so you can see clearly details that are important to your surveillance operation. The camera itself is, once again, powered by batteries so there is no need to charge up the glasses in between use and to sweeten the deal, the correct batteries are included with your purchase.

You would expect that sunglasses that have a camera in them would be clunky and would be heavy as well. However, with these glasses, they actually weigh less than the Blink XT2 camera above, barely tipping the scales at 59g. This makes the glasses ideal to be packed into luggage and very comfortable to wear. Also, the sunglasses do actually function as if they were sunglasses- they will protect your eyes from UV light and add a little bit of style to your look. They would make a great addition to a suit and tie, if the situation calls for one, or a hot day or even just a causal day out. Overall, the glasses enhance your disguise, provide you with surveillance capabilities than are not present in any other model and make sure that you look as sharp as possible.

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3. Clothes Hook Camera

Clothes Hook Camera

This really is something out of special branch, something that would not look out of place in a James Bond movie. The clothes hook camera is the single best way to undertake a surveillance operation in your own home or in somebody else’s. Every home has a clothes hook- whether that be in the entrance hall, in a bedroom or in a closet, so why not make use of that fact and conduct secretive operations using it.

The clothes hook camera can be installed onto any good wall and will provide you with a steady stream of video footage saved onto a memory card which can be extracted later and the footage taken and analysed by you. In between use the camera will need to be charged, but this does mean that the camera is very light as it only requires one battery. The USB port to charge the battery is hidden at the back of the device so there is no chance that the camera will be found. There is a button that will need to be pressed to start recording, however, the switch is almost invisible and there is a very small chance that your camera will be discovered.

When looking at the camera quality, the camera can deliver a standard fps rate of 30fps- suitable to pick up details and be good enough to present as evidence as a part of a wider investigation. The image will be 1280x720p which is will be able to distinguish between important details and help further with your operations.

Generally, this piece of equipment’s main selling points is its discreetness. If you want toc heck out what this product has to offer and what users have rated, it. Then just take a look at the Amazon link below.

4. Flash Drive Recorder

Much like the glasses or the clothes hook, this is another piece of equipment that will work very well in an undercover operation. The flash drive recorder is exactly how it sounds- it is a small flash drive, or memory stick, that can be plugged into a computers USB drive. However, unlike every other flash drive, this one can be turned into a discreet recording device by turning the wheel at the back of the drive. Even the wheel is discreet as it looks like something that a keychain would be attached to. The whole design is centred around hiding the fact that you are recording, however, there are some other standout features as well.  

Its battery life is something that we at Spyalot have not seen in any similar device ever. I can last on standby 25 days without needing to recharge the battery- something that is very important for longer stake out operations.  You may think that the recording device being in standby will just sap battery and that even by doing nothing the battery will just ear itself out within a day. However, the quality is clear as this does not happen and the device can be left for a number of days to record.

Being a flash drive, you would expect the recording device to be able to hold a significant number of recordings. This is true as the device can hold as many as 288 hours of HQ audio or 144 hours of XHQ audio. This means that the device can be used, recharged and used again without there being any need to clear the devices storage.

When looking to choose the options for this device, it is very simple. You can either choose between straight recording- where the deice just records everything after you turn it on. Or you can choose the voice activated mode- this will only start the flash drive recording once it hears a voice. The recording device itself can sense sound from 10 metres away so this makes your secret flash drive a great option for surveillance.

If you wanted to have a look at this outstanding device and maybe even invest in your spying future, then click on the link below.

If you have found any other spy equipment that you think deserves to be on our list, then contact us and let us know- we will be sure to update the list. Also, if you need any more information about anyone of these products, then do not hesitate to contact Spyalot as we would love to help.

Otherwise, make sure to check out the rest of our blog and maybe some of our products too for some more inspiration and goodies to help grow and become a better spy.



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