The Best Spy Gadgets For Kids – Our Guide

Best spy gadgets for kids

The Best Spy Gadgets For Kids - Our Guide

We are all in danger sometimes of making things a little bit too serious. We talk about infidelity, cheating spouses and naughty nannies. But there should be a fun side to spying. So, for a change, we have taken down the barriers and looked at how we bring through the little spies of the future.  So, we have looked at the best spy gadgets for kids the internet has to offer and complied them into one list.


Kids playing secret agents is a fun way to get them to communicate with each other, and of course a great way to drag them away from their Xbox or PlayStation.

Lets get stuck in and see what’s on offer for the little James Bond’s of this world

Melissa & Doug Spy Role Play Costume Set

best spy gadgets for kids

First things first no self-respecting kids spy will be seen dead without the right clothing. So before we get onto the best spy gadgets for kids we need to look at what they are going to wear. Complete with a black spy jacket, hat, a pair of rear-view mirrored sunglasses, a secret coded message card, decoder lens, and a spy guide, this is the ultimate starter set for the buddying private investigator.  Suitable for 5-8 year olds, this spy set is guaranteed to get them prepared for the adventures of the day

Secret Service Earpiece For Kids

earpiece for kids

We’ve all seen the films right? You know? Where the secret service agents are speaking and listening through almost invisible earpieces. Well now your kids can be just as cool.  This spy gadget for kids fits into the ear as you would expect and clips onto a piece of clothing to secure it. A lot of customers are using these for weddings, where rings boys and girls fell they are really important in their role.

Spy School Covert Surveillance Kit

Spy box for kids

Combining science and espionage this spy kit is perfect for kids who want to learn and have fun at the same time. It comes as an 11 piece set which includes reverse sunglasses, a spyscope to see things really far away. This kit also contains a pencil box that doubles up as a hidden periscope.  Pretty cool eh? But the coolest thing has to be the Yoyo that is disguised as a listening bud, perfect for hearing the conversations they are not supposed to hear, so parents, be aware of what you’re saying. You never know who can hear you from afar.  And to make the spying even more covert. All of this is batched together in a discreet box that looks like a game of checkers. 

So, go on. Make science fun.

Spyx Lite hand

Spy lite Hand

Now even for an adult this is a pretty fun bit of kit. Turn your hand into it’s own light source. If your little spies need to investigate an area in the dark undetected then this is the gadget for them.  Once lit the hand will glow LED lights across every finger. See in the dark, or even better, blind the enemy when they confront you. (Although this may be a little extreme at 6 years old) With an elastic strap that fits around the hand this is one of our favourite spy gadgets for kids that you just can’t miss.  For age 6 and upwards we challenge any adult that buys this not to use it themselves.

Walkie Talkie for Spy Kids

We all know that this would be a pretty rubbish collection if it didn’t include walkie talkies. So here you go. With 22 channels and a transmission distance of 3 miles, this is the spy gadget that every kid needs.  Speak to your headquarters while you track your enemies and attach an earpiece for added stealth. Another cool feature of this product is the fact that it is voice activated. There is no need to press any buttons if your busy carrying out covert operations or your unable to move spying on your neighbours.  For all ages this is the must have accessory in any spy gadget toolbox


We hope you’ll agree that we have come up with some really fun spy equipment for kids. As we have said above, it is really important for them to get out and play with their peers instead of being sat in front of a TV screen or games console.  Don’t forget, SPY A Lot is the number one resource for all things spying and surveillance, whether you’re a kids or an adult, we have a product in our archives just for you.



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