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Our Review Of The Best Spy Pen To Buy Today

Check out our collection of the best spy pen gadgets. These pens are capable of recording both voice and video and will deliver HD quality videos as you write.  These spy pens can be used to record conversations in the workplace, and catch out your cheating friends or spouses. You can even use them as you write and no one will suspect. These cameras are becoming increasingly more popular as no one will ever suspect that their actions are being filmed and you can mount the pen in your pocket with the camera facing outwards.  This will mean that there is never any need to use your hands.

So, if you need to catch out a coworker – do it with these spy pens.  We have put together a selection of functional, stylish and practical spy equipment to suit any purpose.  

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DareTang 1080P HD Camera

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DareTang’s pinhole lens makes it impossible to suspect the presence of a camera in this pen. However, do not mistake its physical size for its video quality. It comes with a 1080P HD camera giving you undistorted video and stunning images. You can later playback your recorded data with a video resolution of 1920*1080. Your spying is made even easier with a 75-degree viewing angle. You can record a wide scene without having to shift positions every time – which again reduces the possibility of suspicions.

The spy pen has a micro SD/TF card slot supporting up to 32GB. You can continually record whatever you need without having to worry about the storage. What makes it even better is that instead of stopping, it will overwrite the oldest files saved in the SD card. Don’t miss any important scenes while trying to create more space in your storage.

In case you are wondering what will happen if the ink runs out, here is the solution. Included in the package are two pen refills to aid you through your mission. Therefore, you can continue writing while recording the target. There is also a USB cable to let you connect the pen to your computer and a manual for reference.


UTOPB HD 1080P -Our Best Spy Pen Ranked

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There are many spy pens in the market but not enough of them give you value for your money. With this pen, however, you will enjoy every bit of your investment. What makes it standout from the rest is its storage capacity. In addition to a built-in 16GB memory, you can also add up to 64GB external storage. As such, you can record several hours of high quality video nonstop. To make it even better, its fully-charged battery can last 70 minutes if used continuously.

The UTOPB spy pen camera has a video output of 1080 pixels, full HD. Sometimes the small details in a picture are what matter. With 1920*1080 playback resolution, you can analyze even the slightest changes in your final video. The recorded files are saved continually after every 10 minutes to make your analysis a lot easier.

In the box you will find a USB cable to let you connect the pen to your PC. As such you can transfer or playback all videos stored in the spy pen’s internal storage. There are also five ink fills to enhance your spying process. Not many spy equipment top the UTOPB hidden camera in quality and effectivity.

FuVision Hidden Spy Pen Camera

Imagine setting up a meeting with your target then the spy camera’s battery runs out midway. Avoid such frustrations by arming yourself with FuVision spy pen. With up to 2 hours of nonstop recording, it has arguably the best battery capacity of all devices in the category. As such, you can interview and obtain as much information as you want while the pen does its magic. In addition, there is a free 16GB storage with the option of an extra external SD card.

High recording speed of about 30 frames per second makes it ideal for your desired purpose. Its video is recorded in 1080P HD and you can playback the output in 1920*1080 resolution. The pen is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems with no software installation required. Just plug it to your PC using its USB plug or cable and play the recorded videos.

The package comes with a USB cable and a manual to help you while setting up your hidden spy pen camera. There are also three ink fills to make sure that you continue using your pen even if the initial ink runs out. Try it out and you won’t regret the decision


Portocam spy camera


Maybe you want to spy on someone at night without drawing any attention. This spy pen camera is the perfect choice to complete your mission. It can capture images of objects within 16ft in night mode recording for 90 minutes and 180 minutes in normal conditions. You can set it up in your office and check later if anyone accessed your valuable documents without your knowledge. The wide viewing angle makes it easier to cover most part of the office with a single shot.

The images are crystal clear (1080p full HD) and its video output is undistorted. Whether recorded at night or during the day, the tiny details in a video are visible. These high quality videos might take up huge storage space, but don’t worry! This hidden camera supports loop recording. Always make sure to transfer old recordings to your PC because when the pen’s memory is full, it overwrites the oldest data.

Once you receive the pen, no installation is required. With a single button located at the top, you can start and stop recording without anyone noticing. Videos are saved after every 2 minutes with time stamps to simplify your analysis.

AMCSXH HD 1080p Hidden Spy Pen Camera


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Need the best spy equipment? This spy camera has a feel of a normal and trendy pen which takes away all the attention from its hidden lenses. Just set it on your chest pocket and let the magic begin. Its high video quality is worth mentioning because it is an important specification for any spy camera. With M-JPEG and JPG video and image formats, its output is compatible with every video player on your PC.

It doesn’t matter where you want to carry out the operation. This spy pen camera will let you record at school, home, or even in a meeting. It has one button to toggle between taking a video or photos. While doing all these, you won’t have to worry about its storage because it supports up to 32GB SD card storage. Like most high end spy pen cameras, it automatically overwrites older files when it runs out o storage during a recording session.

The pen comes with one USB cable and two ink refills. Don’t stop recording because you can’t write anymore. Refill your pen and continue spying. There is no better way of proving someone’s misgivings than with a video recording.


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