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In 2018, we have an overwhelming need to know the truth, weather it is about a cheating partner, a drug taking relative or friend, or confirming that someone has a drinking problem. These days spying and spy gadgets are not just about advanced technology or surveillance, spying can now be all about checking up on people or cheating partners, that you just don’t trust using the simplest of DIY tests form the comfort of your own home

So what Tests are out there?

DNA Testing.

DNA testing has long been seen as something that can only be provided by a medical practitioner, or by a lab that will charge a small fortune.  However times have moved on.  DNA / Infidelity Testing is now available for virtually anyone who suspects that their partner has already cheated and has a love child, or you believe that a certain piece of clothing contains the DNA of someone that is being a little too friendly with your Husband or wife.  However, these tests can also be a good thing to bring people together who have suspected for a long time that there are related through past affairs and want definitive proof.

Semen Infidelity Tests 

The are now products available that with a small swab can test weather seaman is present on any fabric to within 1 μL of human semen, and test results are complete within 10 minutes. Simply wipe the SWAB over the item of clothing or bed sheet and turn your uncertaintly into definitive proof.

Drug Testing and alcohol testing 

Do you have a friend or relate that you just don’t believe is drug free? even though they will swear that they are.  There are now products available to buy that will test for drugs and alcohol via a dip test.  These tests are also designed to help you, check to see if you are still drunk before driving out to work in the morning!  has your drink been spiked with drugs ? But more importantly, are your loved ones keeping their promises and remaining drug and drink free?


The following provides you with the Best Infidelity Tests 2018, the best Substance misuse tests and finally the best alcohol testing equipment.

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