The Weirdest Videos Caught Using Hidden Nanny Cameras

Hidden Nanny Cameras

The Weirdest Videos Caught Using Hidden Nanny Cameras

Hidden Nanny Cameras

We, parents, tend to have mini heart attacks every time we leave our kids home with the nanny. No matter how reliable they are, they aren’t us. Thankfully, new hidden nanny cameras tech allows parents to keep a watchful eye on anyone looking after our little ones through “nanny cams.” These are often tiny video cameras that could be hidden on shelves, or even in stuffed toys. Of course, we hope they won’t reveal any mistreatment of our precious angels. But sometimes they reveal the unexpected. Here are some of the moments caught using hidden nanny cameras that gave the viewing parents quite a shock.

13 Kitty to the Rescue


Pets can be very protective over their owners, especially the young ones. It seems to be instinctual for our furry companions to want to protect the youngest member of their human family.  Most of us know this is the case when it comes to dogs, but our feline friends can be just as protective as their canine counterparts.

This nanny was caught using hidden nanny cameras innocently playing ball with the young child she was caring for, when there was a loud accident and some glass broke. The family’s cat heard the shatter of glass from another room and rushed to investigate the situation. Mistakenly thinking the boy was in danger, the fearless kitty leaped to his rescue. Hopefully the babysitter didn’t walk away too scratched up.

12 Daddy’s Little Secret


When mommy is away, daddy and daughter will play! #caught using hidden nanny cameras

Of course most moms and dads have their own unique way of taking care of the kids when they are on their own, whether it’s secret trips to pig out at the ice cream shop, or letting them stay up way too late and watch a bunch of shows they shouldn’t be watching. Whatever the case, usually neither is none-the-wiser to each other’s personal methods. But apparently this mom wanted to see just what Dad was doing when she wasn’t around. I wonder if the silly antics caught using hidden nanny cameras were what she expected to find.

11 Intruder in the Baby’s Room


It is safe to assume that your children are perfectly safe when they are sleeping soundly in their own crib in their own room, under your very roof. But in reality, are they really?

This child’s parents were completely horrified after discovering a mysterious intruder spying on their baby at night. This intruder was caught using a hidden nanny camera and revealed the man lurking in their child’s room, shining a light all around, then staring and shouting at the sleeping baby. No explanation was discovered as to why he was there leering over their baby not one, but several nights. At least he didn’t harm the baby at all, but his creepy and unwanted presence is enough to send shivers down any parent’s spine.

10 Sneaky Twins


They say there is no bond in this world quite like the kindred connection between twins. Twins can be quite different in personalities, yet still be totally in sync. Such is the case with these twin girls when it comes to trying to fool Mom. The two are playfully interacting with each other in their neighboring cribs when they think that their mother isn’t watching. But the second they hear her voice over the intercom, they quickly change their tune; they both immediately and simultaneously lie down and pretend to be asleep. No cue was needed from either one. Mom is getting a kick out of it now, but she sure is in for it when they reach their teenage years.

Nanny Breastfeeds the Baby


This strange woman was hired to help take care of the house for a family in Nairobi. A hidden nanny camera caught the woman breastfeeding her employer’s nine-month-old baby two days after she was hired. The child initially was refusing, but the woman was persistent. The baby eventually gave in for a bit, but after more resistance, the woman became frustrated and let the baby down to play. The weirdest part of the whole incident  is that the woman had a three year old at home, but no baby. She never gave a reason for her actions, only claimed that the baby was reaching for her breasts. Needless to say she was fired and multiple tests were taken to ensure the baby was safe, health-wise.


When the Nanny Needs to be Potty Trained


You would think that hiring a nurse to care for your child would enable you to somewhat breathe a sigh of relief that your child was in good hands. That clearly wasn’t the case with this particular nanny. I guess you could say she had some pretty peculiar quirks.

This nurse was caught using hidden nanny cameras and revealed that this woman was stealing various clothing items and food from her employer. But that wasn’t the shocking part. She was also caught peeing right in the kitchen sink! This incident occurred not once, but numerous times, and in front of the special-needs child she was hired to watch. After she was caught on camera, the woman pled guilty to charges of theft and improper behavior. Her reasoning: she didn’t like the kid’s mother.

Baby Houdini Caught on a Hidden Spy Camera


If Houdini was still alive, he would have met his match with this miniature escape artist. Determined on being freed from his wooden prison, this 20-month-old boy was caught on a hidden nanny cameras attempted several times to make a daring leap from his crib. After a few failed attempts, the child was 100% successful. He even threw over his beloved blanket to take with him. I guess it is time for a big boy bed. And perhaps locks on the outside of his room. If he can so easily escape the barriers of his crib, then who knows what else he will get into in the rest of the house.

Creepy Spy


This nanny was in for a disturbing shock when she found out someone other than the baby’s parents were watching her on the hidden nanny camera. She was in the one-year-old little girl’s room, changing her diaper, when a strange sound started coming in through the monitor. It took the nanny a moment to realize that it was a man’s voice, and he began to make very descriptive comments about what was going on in the little girl’s room. It soon became clear that he could actually see everything that she was doing. Then he made a very creepy joke, suggesting that the family should password protect their spy camera. It was never discovered who the source of the voice was, but perhaps the family should take his advice. #caught using a hidden nanny camera

Special Toilet Scrub


A nanny spy camera isn’t just for nannies; they can also be great for checking in on anyone in your home when you aren’t there, like a maid. This particular maid really did a bang up job cleaning the toilet. However, her her cleaning tool of choice was a bit questionable. She was in fact using her employer’s toothbrush to scrub the toilet. And I mean scrub; she got all up under the rim and everything. The she placed the toothbrush back where she found it, ready for her employer to use to clean his teeth. If that wasn’t gross enough, she used the toilet brush to clean the dishes!

At first the unsuspecting home owner was quite fond of the woman, until four months after she was hired, he found something gross floating in the toilet (and no, it’s wasn’t that).

Playroom Explosion


All looks just fine and dandy in the kids’ brightly colored playroom during what appears to be a normal afternoon. Just another day, nothing unusual. But just wait for it, wait for it… BOOM! This hidden nanny spy camera catches a crazy explosion that blows clear though the wall! Apparently a boiler exploded in the room next to the playroom. At the time, a nanny had been in charge of the two children whose room it was, and one of the kids had recently been playing in there. Thankfully he left the room and was playing elsewhere at the time of the explosion. Moreover, the family was very lucky that the explosion went sideways, and not upwards into the bedroom of the youngest child, who may have been in her crib at the time.

Little Bully Up To No Good On a Spy Camera


Nanny cameras are meant to provide some sort of relief to parents who are worried that the woman or man they hired to care for their child isn’t doing his or her job properly. However, these parents were in for a shock to learn that their little angel seemed to be the one pushing around the nanny. It definitely appeared to be in good fun, but this little monster just wouldn’t let up. From scaring her, to whacking her, he couldn’t get enough of playfully torturing his caretaker. She seems to take it well, but perhaps it may have been better to exert a little more authority and put his diabolical games to an end sooner. No doubt this nanny may have walked away with a few bruises. #caught using hidden nanny cameras

Home Invader Caught Using Hidden Nanny Cameras Attacking Resident


Just a warning: this video contains violence and may be hard for many of you to watch. This footage caught using hidden nanny cameras doesn’t depict child abuse, but rather captures a horrific home invasion. A man broke into this family’s locked backdoor and entered the living room, where a mother and her three-year-old daughter were peacefully watching television. The man proceeded to attack the woman for no obvious reason, punching and kicking her right in front of her terrified daughter. In order to protect her daughter, the woman didn’t fight back or scream. The man then rummaged through the house and fled with a number of their valuables, including the mother’s wedding ring. Hopefully this hidden camera video will help authorities track down the man who committed this terrible crime.

Nanny Getting Down


I guess the kids were sleeping or completely pre-occupied, because this nanny definitely had some free time on her hands. She decided to use that time to perfect her moves to the song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” by Soulja Boy Tell`em. Being a nanny can be an exhausting job; you’d think that any down time she had she would use to relax. But not this energetic nanny caught using hidden cameras. Even though she seems winded from the start, she really put her all into it, and by the end of the song she was wiping away beads of sweat. It was almost like she was performing; I wonder if she knew she was being filmed? Though I highly doubt she thought her sweet dance moves would end up on the internet for all to gawk at.

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