Why You Should Use A Nanny Camera

Why You Should Choose A Nanny Camera

Why You Should Use A Nanny Camera

Why You Should Choose A Nanny Camera

When you think of the term Nanny Camera you immediately think of a device that spies on your nanny and baby sitter, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. These are amazing tech products that have a camera hidden inside that are out of sight.  They are normally hidden within every day objects such as clocks and teddy bears and can be placed strategically throughout the home for maximum effect.

With the advances in technology, parents are more likely to rely upon hidden cameras to watch their nanny or care giver, especially if they are from an agency or if you have never met them before.  There are risks and benefits of using such tech and we have tried our best to outline them below in our handy guide.

The Pros of Nanny Camera

There are hundreds of Hidden Nanny cameras on the market today, but all of them have slightly different settings and functions.  Almost all cameras are wireless and can be hidden into practically anything. Stuffed animals, clocks and plants. They are able to be accessed remotely. Which means that when you’re in a restaurant having a meal, you can see what’s going on from your cell phone.  The price is also an important factor. Nanny Cameras are no longer the expensive gadget for high earning families. You can now purchase one on Amazon for as little as $70. However, some of the more expensive ones retail for over $500

The Cons of Nanny Cams

Whilst taping a child carer or babysitter is no more common than ever, studies and polls do show that people aren’t against the process. However, if you’re also going through the process of carrying out reference checks and background checks the added fall back of a nanny cam could appear that you don’t trust them and you have something to hide. If you’re looking to set up one of these cameras then we advise that you inform the nanny in advance. He or she can then make the decision whether or not the want to work with you

Other Uses Of A Spy Camera

Spy cameras are not just limited to looking after your child. Now, in the modern world where infidelity is more common than ever, people are using these to check on their cheating spouses. You can also use this to make sure your teenage kids are not doing anything bad while you’re in work and to spy on the cleaner that you suspect may be taking more than the bleach away with them each day.  Whilst we understand that you can’t take a fluffy toy into the office, a lot of employers also elect to use a spy gadget to ensure their employees are not dipping their hand into the till or taking stock home with them.  The possibilities are limitless.


Whilst it is legal to use a Nanny Camera in all 50 states of the USA, you do need permission to film conversations in certain ones such as Florida and California. It is therefore important to ensure that you have the right spy equipment that will keep you on the right side of the law. Otherwise you will have more than a telling off from the nanny, you could end up in court.  We also love that most Nanny Cameras also have a motion detection system and a video loop which means that it only records when it sees movement, and you can access and review it every couple of weeks.

Finally. If you don’t trust your Nanny, cleaner or kids, don’t waste any time. Get yourself a spy cam now!



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